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You can save lot of power

Courtesy: Prof. R.K.Guptha, Trainers forum

If we carefully observe heat cycle in summers we see that most residential houses warm up after 3 or 4 PM and are in worse condition in evenings as heat conducts itself to inside through roofs and side walls. The best and useful time to run water coolers is therefore 3 PM to 12 pm in night maximum. After 12 night atmosphere cools itself anyway and temperature od ay is always lowest at 4 AM.There is no use running coolers beyond these hours. It will also save lacs of ltrs of processed and potable water we use in coolers.

Same way in offices which typically work from 9 AM to 5 PM the AC plant should be run from 8.30 am to 3 PM maximum and then switched off. Since most heat intensifies in evening hours, the offices close by then. Staring ac in morning early take away accumulated heat of night before. It is useless to run ac after 3 PM as people would leave by 5 PM.

Most of PCs now are able to withstand room temperatiures upto 40 degree C. Hence this temperatiure never reaches indoors. There is no need to continuously run ACs in computer labs.What we can do at least is change temperature settings from cool to warm.It will make great difference in pwoer bills. Ideal temperature that we can fix is 25 degree C.

If we all practice this scientific cycle and don't consider running a/cs as matter of achievement and greatness and ego, we can save lot of energy in country runnig ninto thousands of meghawatts.

Let us reduce our powerbills.Help environment and reaching power to huts of poor.

Plese practise it and send me feedback

Prof R K Gupta

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