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If u r an Indian go through this


You missed something.........

A country where most billioners and beggers live (we called it as unity in diversity)

A country where you have to pay around 70 rupees for petrol (we can pay it because we gets 6 digit salary)

A country where you have to pay 15 rupees for 1 litre tap water

A country where 1750000000000 rupees scam happens

A country where politicians and criminals shares air conditioned jail room.

A country where pesticides tested in humans and confirms.

A country where all trains running late with super smell.

A country with a PM always thinks about money, not its people. (don't worry a lady and her son is there to control) him)

A country which known as secular, and the no of communal organizations matches the no of pigs in our country.

A country where most farmers suicide.

A country where most no of people with Tuberculosis and Leprosy.

A country with most failured spce missions.

A country where some children die with poverty and some with obesity.

and the list can extend.......
but it may hurt your mind.........
So go back and switch on your AC.............
then tell......

PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN..... SHAMELESSLY .............................


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