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Courtesy: V. Ranganathan, Trainers forum


I wish to share a story from Tales & Parables of SriRamakrishna Paramahamsa.. (narrated in my words)

'A wise master once elaborated to students in his discourse that everything is Brahman(GOD) and one must learn to see God in everything.....'

The discourse that day was over and a group of students were returning home. On the way unexpectedly a mad elephant was seen running towards them & the mahout sitting on top of the elephant was trying hard to tame the elephant.

People ran helter-skelter.

One student thought, 'Everything is GOd; even this mad elephant is god... why should I be afraid? Let me keep walking my way'

Elephant was fast approaching and the mahout shouted at the boy to run to a safe place. But the boy paid no heed to the caution.

The elephant came near the boy and slammed him and moved away; boy was injured.

Coming to know that the student was injured the master came and enquired.

The student in anguish complained to the master," you said everything is God; but the elephant God has injured me.."

The master said," I appreciate your understanding and conviction,like the mad elephant is God, the mahout also is God; why you did not follow the advice of mahout god?

Friends, the moral of the story I leave it to your wisdom...

All I can say is there is a vast difference between intelligence & prudence.

V. Ranganathan
nlp master practitioner, life skill trainer

Work done sincerely and with a direction will always have its rewards.-

--Srimad Bagawad Gita

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