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Ten Words

Courtesy: Chithra panikker, trainers forum

Dear All,

Revisiting what we all know within us, is probably the best way to implement all those philosophical do-good, feel-good fundas.

Here are the 10 most common words we use.

The most selfish one letter word - "I" Avoid it.

The most satisfying two letter word - "We" Use it.

The most poisonous three letter word - "Ego" Eradicate it.

The most used four letter word - "Love" - Value it.

The most pleasing five letter word - "Smile" - Wear it.

The fastest spreading six letter word - "Rumor" - Ignore it.

The hardest working seven letter word "Success" Achieve it.

The most enviable eight letter word "Jealousy" - Distance it.

The most powerful nine letter word "Knowledge" Acquire it.

The most essential ten letter word "Confidence" Be it.

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