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Be a part of the solution

Courtesy: Deepali Kanna, Trainers forum

I heard a very simple and sweet story in a spiritual camp the other day and wish to share the message I inferred from the same. The story goes like this:

There’s a small bird sitting on a tree in a jungle. All of a sudden the jungle gets ablaze. The little bird finds a river close to the tree on which she was seated and rushes to the river to get water in her peak and throws the water on fire. The bird repeats this act n number of times, when a crow sitting on the nearby tree laughs and says, "hey little birdie, do you think the water you are carrying in your tiny peak will put the jungle fire on rest? Even if you do this exercise for the rest of your life, you will not be able to put off the fire. So just relax, and have fun the way I am doing (watching the scene)".

The little birdie replies, "you could be right older brother, that the water in my peak might not suffice to put the enormous jungle fire on rest, but I am not so meek that I will sit back and enjoy other’s trouble; whenever the history of this fire will be written, my name will come in the names of trouble solvers and not onlookers".

Words of wisdom indeed, by a miniature bird, is’nt it? Here are a few inferences that can be drawn as morale of the story:

1. Be a part of the solution and not the problem.
2. Don’t sit back and make merry at other’s problems.
3. Genuine efforts, no matter how meagre, do have synergetic effect.
4. Don’t underestimate your potential even in the face adversities .
5. Don’t demean others’ endeavour.
6. Don’t be passive thinking that others will mock at you.
7. Always extend a helping hand, it surely has a boomerang effect.

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