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Prescription for eliminating corruption in India

Courtesy: Prof R.K. Guptha, trainers forum

India is a very badly and loosely regulated country and fraudulent democracy with people having no power except to caste a vote once in 5 years. This is being abused by one and all in any power.

1. Install Jan lokpal at centre who has powers to start investigation,monitoring,data collection,scrutinising documents and files related to a matter, prosecution and penalising and recommending impeachment, disqualifying or dismissal of politicians and bureaucrats and judges and annexe their properties ot national treasury except for :

President of India
Chief Justice of India
Army Chief
Solicitor General of India
and Comptroller and Auditor General of India

He can also direct any official to dispose off a pending application/case in a given time framework.

He can also direct government or private detective agencies and banking system,income tax and revenue intelligence department to trace and compile wealth and properties of any government functionaries including judges and their own family members.

There is too much fuss created for Prime Minister post.In our view Prime minister is just another minister and mainly responsible for ethical working of central government and hence cant be excluded.

However Lokpal should only control corruption and malpractices

Mere monitory corruption is not enough-delays and harassment is also a kind of corruption)charges and suspicions about class I officers and political positions in country at state and central levels.Not at district levels. His area should also include corporate frauds with public and governments.

The lokpal order can be reviewed only once by a panel of CAGI,CJI and Vice President of India so that any abuse may not take place. This should be disposed in maximum 90 days period.

Lokpal can be removed only by impeachment in both houses of parliament.His term should be 5 years and not renewable. Lokpal will be non political person and a known expert. A penal of 50 nominated or self nominated persons after preliminary screening of non bureaucrats and non political persons can be put in national portal and poll invited from people for 3 months period. The top 5 can be reviewed by a panel of President of India, CJI and Chief election commissioner of India for final choice.

2. All lokpals and Governors should be non-political people

3. Police chiefs of States should report to governors for their service matters and complaints against and not State ministry who can have only functional control.Any order of state government can be declined by Police Chief of state or Additional Director General and above level and a note explaining reason can be sent to Governor.

For example the order of mid night lathi charge in ramlila maidan was patently illegal act and uncalled for and Delhi police commissioner should have declined to execute it.

4. For district level control, a citizens council should be setup which will have similar controls on district level officials upto collector and IG level and chairmen of local bodies.This panel may contain upto 10 members selected from non political personalities from bar council,judges, NGO presidents and academicians. They should have powers up to dismissal and to direct officials to complete pending task in given time period.Till now babus report only to their seniors who are in turn corrupt and not free to take action.

5. Demonetise Rs 1000 currency notes immediately as these are no longer required.Indian banking system and credit debit card systems are now well developed upto village level.

6. Government should ask all politicians holding public posts as state and central ministers and chairmen etc and judges of high court to disclose property and deposits held abroad in their own name and names of their own family members in overseas banks. If not found legitimate these should be confiscated. Any amounts found beyond disclosed amounts should be asked to be frozen by banks in other countries and recovered.

7. Have no candidate provision in ballot papers.If 20 % of voters in a constituency opt for this, then renomination of all candidates be called for. This will remove all bad elements from elections system.

Make 30% of polled votes compulsory for any party to form government. If less than this ratio, a mixed government should be formed as per strength in house of various parties/independent candidates.

8. State funding of election expenses and complete ban on donations by candidates to parties for election tickets.

9. Enact public services delivery and accountability act. All government officials should be made accountable to deliver sanctions,services and aides etc within a specified time frame.After which it will be automatically approved.If any officer is found to have 5 defaults in a year, he should be dismissed from service.For every default a ticket should be put in his service file and be considered along with public complaints for increments, promotions and continuing service after first 10 years and 20 years of completed service.

Government jobs are not charity posts for life and foul conduct.

10. Reduce or eliminate various taxes in India including income tax and start transaction taxes and expenditure taxes for amounts above Rs 10,000.All these transactions must have PAN number or UID or defense services enrolment number.Reduce stamp duty and other charges on property transaction to 5% so that black money generation in real estate is stopped.

11. Put property ceiling for individuals and companies to stop hoarding of land and building by corrupt babus and politicians and businessmen.India has no land and no one should possess excessive and not required land and buildings.

Make rental laws fair to both parties and evacuation of tenants easier so that lot of property comes in market. India should promote with tax concessions and subsidy housing and low cost shops running companies forming a nation;la corpus of 1 lac crores to start with.

12. Amend prevention of corruption act to prosecute spouse ( as they are always beneficiary of loot) and life imprisonment a punishment and 10 times fine for amount involved.Withdrawal of all service benefits and instant dismissal. Only one appeal be allowed by a session level court to be disposed off in maximum 2 years time.

Start relieving babus and judges after 10m years of service after reviewing complaints against them, performance and behaviour and medial fitness. Every year 2% of babudom and judges should be removed so as to create fear and also give chance to new blood.

13. Start national portal for citizens satisfaction surveys, consumer surveys and opinion polls on performance of various political posts and class one officers. This will expose bad officers and politicians and also show them their popularity ratings. Specially prime minister and CMs. If a satisfaction survey is conducted for police department, they are likely to get not even 5 marks out of 100.

14. Set up a special revenue intelligence Board with government and non governmental experts to monitor and question foreign deposits and outflows by various individuals, officials and companies.And to take action to recover assets.

15. India should now change laws to align with UN convention on corruption.

16. Start pensions and social security for all citizens after 55 years of age and pension ot be 40% of last gross salary drawn when retiring voluntary or lost jobs.This to be adjusted for inflation every three years period.If unemployed or fresh person then a sum of Rs 800 per month can be given for a renewable period of 12 months.

17. Only two terms of 5 years for all political positions in India

18. Enact professional services act to control malpractices ,delays overcharging and corruption and harassment by lawyers, CAs and such professionals like independent doctors, consultants and architects.

19. If state fails to protect the person and property and dignity of a citizen and fails to prosecute the accused then state compensation should be given as per status of person subject to maximum of Rs 50 lacs.The concerned officials who defaulted should be penalised for this and their service record tagged (Example a SHO fails to file challan even fater 3 years period)

The above suggestions are moderate and as first steps and can be implemented easily if government actually wants.No excuses please.

People should demand these actions or remove this government.Enough is enough.

Readers please send more suggestions and amendments so we can finalise a draft and send to Government and media for circulation.

Prof R K Gupta

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