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Management Lessons from Ramdev episode

Courtesy: Rajaendra Deshpande, Trainers forum

Life-Lessons from Baba Ramdev .Protest.

Know your skill set.

Ramdev assumed that skills required for teaching yoga and becoming the political leader is the same. He thought that skill sets are transferable.

Lot of people make these mistakes when they assume that if they are enormously successful in one area. they will automatically succeed in other areas.

Great sports players lose everything when they try their hand in business. Similarly great actors/movie stars flop as political leaders.

Don't take people for granted

Baba Ramdev assumed that his followers would follow him blindly.

People became Ramdev's followers because of his expertise and knowledge on Yoga. Once he became a loose cannon and started threatening violence etc. the followers ditched him.

Moreover,people supported his anticorruption agenda because of being anti-government rather than pro Ramdev.

Most of the corporate failures occur because either customers /clients or employees/employer are taken for granted.

Know your friends/enemies motive.

Baba Ramdev thought that the government was scared of him that is why senior ministers were courting him.

The government was trying to prop him to divide the civil society and weaken their movement. Once the government realized that Baba Ramdev was not following the script they immediately cut him down to size.

People overestimate their impact when they are approached by powerful people/lobby without realizing their motives.

Differentiate Between perception and reality .

The image of Baba Ramdev as all powerful was created by the media.

Baba Ramdev started believing in this unreal image lionized by the media and thought that he can get away with anything.

When the media turned its back and went on destroying his image, Baba Ramdev appeared to cut a sorry picture defending himself from their probing questions.

In corporate life also the chamchas /psychophans create the unreal image which the leader starts believing in.

When the going gets tough the tough gets going .

All of Baba Ramdev previous blusters ,challenges and upright claim dissolved when he was caught in camera fleeing wearing ladies clothes with women followers as shield while his followers were being beaten and harassed by Police.

This one moment will haunt Baba Ramdev till perpetuity. If Baba Ramdev had protested and arrested protecting his followers..he would have come out one up on the government garnering all the sympathy and support even from his non followers.

Action speaks louder than the words and the real person emerges breaking the mask during the crisis/high pressure.

First Self Reflect and then point fingers at others .

Baba Ramdev demanded transparency and anti corruption laws against black money but could not give information about his own sources of funds.

On asked pointed questions on the ownership of the companies and their accounts he and his team did not answer directly and side stepped the issue.

Don't follow brinkmanship strategy when in doubt or without any backup.

Baba Ramdev tried to garner support and goodwill by going on a fast without any clarity and as an amend to his previous goof ups . He thought he could create a mass hysteria, building pressure on the government .

Government indifference and non- response forced him to break the fast in a whimper.

Many times by threatening to resign ..executives try to create the pressure on their bosses but if the boss remains unmoved or challenges the executive to resign .. the brinkmanship blows up in the face as it happened in the Ramdev's case.


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