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Courtesy: Gauri Sankar, Trainers Forum

Learning is an exercise. People learn things from their early childhood from the day they were born. Once the process of learning is stopped, the progress also stops at once. Every day we learn and rightly speaking, we learn each moment.

Learning is possible not by answers alone, but by valid questions. We often question. We question our family members, friends and everybody around us. In fact we are questioning ourselves. No questions – no answers

Once a disciple asked, “Why do bad things always happen to good people?”. The guru replied: “When the question itself is wrong, how do you expect me to answer it?”

The question should have been – “What happens to good people when bad things happen to them?” and the reply would be: “They become better people“

It is not the quantum of our intelligence, but it is the direction of our intelligence that determines the pace of our progress. It is like using a knife. Can be for constructive purposes or destructive. And, of course our intelligence can be directed and it is possible only when we know how to ask the right questions. To whom? To others as well as ourselves. Whenever you face troubles, ask a question: ”Why it is happening to me?” and just listen to the response of your intelligence. Now again ask: “Why me?” for all those countless blessings like joyful events with your family members, increase in emoluments etc etc and again listen to the voice of your intelligence. Now just find out the difference. Just experience the power of your above two questions. One right question asked at the right time can change the direction of our intelligence, and thus change the direction of our life.

“Why it is happening to me?” sets your intelligence in a direction that will lead you to self pity. In the meantime, if you ask:”What can I learn from this?” and it will direct you to higher maturity. If you feel stagnant and if you are not growing at the pace which you can grow, if you are going in the direction that will not lead to your goals, if you are encountering issues that are repetitive in nature, then you can be sure that you are not using the right questions. It means, you are not directing your intelligence right. Our intelligence has in inherent compulsion to answer any question that is posted to it, either by you or by the world. So, choose your questions and direct your intelligence in constructive ways

Isidor Issac Rabi, a physicist and Nobel laureate, recognized for his discovery of nuclear magnetic, resonance said, “My mother made me a scientist without even intending to. Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child after school, “So, did you learn anything today?”. But not my mother. “Son”, she would say, “Did you ask a good question today?”. That difference – asking good questions – made me a scientist”

While everybody never bothered to ask the question “Why the apple is falling down? one person asked the question: “Why the apple is falling down and why it should not go upwards?” He got the answer and we also got and the world has not been the same ever since.

All inventions and discoveries begin with one thing only – “A question”. All the technological inventions of today – ipod, cellphones, nano technology, graphics, multimedia etc etc – we find and enjoy today are because of “questions and questions”

Arjuna with his questions gave a direction to Krishna’s intelligence, which we know as the “Bhagavath Geeta”

It does not matter if you do not have all the answers. What truly matters is – do you have the right questions?

Now your intelligence is waiting for you. Ask and you shall receive.

Ask this question now – “How can I make use of this information for the betterment of everybody?

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