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Media should stop this 2G scam noise

Courtesy: Prof R.K. Guptha, trainers forum

Sibbal is a trained lawyer.

The qualities of Indian lawyers:

1. Lawyer is almost = lier
2. Main cause of Delays and denial in justice in India
3. Manipulating facts
4. Exploiting the client
5. Begging for money in name of court Kharcha
6. lawyers mean mafia group accountable to no one

No wonder Sibbal can even come out with a conclusion that Raja actually created wealth for government of India.

Let a sitting judge of supreme court along with a leading chartered accountant having no connection at all with any of the licensee go through the procedures and records and come to truth in 2 months period.

I am not interested in how much government lost but only if there was any inequity, prefernecs and corruption in the process of allotment.

I am deadly against this corrupt and greedy UPA government taxing everything since they came in power in 2004. Licences are also indirect taxation and ultimately passed on to people raising prices in economy. So no heavy fees please.

We dont support this noise for Rs 1.7 lac crore loss. It is merely a notional loss. Government should not try to collect it now.

What we should find out is role of ambanis and Tatas and others in getting licenses and if Raja did any corruption and collected bribes. If it is so he should be taken and stripped at connaught place and flogged 1000 times liek they do in Saudi arabia and all money eaten by him be recovered. That is all.

This corrupt and brainless UPA government should stop raising prices in economy and collecting more and more taxes in name of revenue collection and licence fees. It helps no one. All costs and taxes finally come to consumers who are already under huge load.

Please stop this 2G scam noise now.It is no issue at all except bribe charges.

MM Singh should start working for reducing prices in economy and not sitting shamelessly as deaf and blind.

Prof R K Gupta

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