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Economy: Mohan ka ek tara bole

Courtesy: Prof.R.K.GUPTHA,Trainers forum

Sonia, Manmohan and Mukherjee can easily be given a soft euphemism of Amir's recent movie "THREE IDIOTS". While one is half educated Italians housewife ruling destiny of foolish and slave Indians, the second one is a fraudulent paper degree carrying retired economist babu blowing Sonia's trumpet and holding her sari's paloo just to chipko with PM seat and enjoy luxury, perks and foreign tours. I doubt if he knows even basics of national economics and welfare economics. The third one is plainly outdated and highly arrogant guy totally confused and not knowing what he is doing and talking. Kuchh bhi bolta hei. He is suffering with illussion that he is great accoutnant and budget expert.

Every morning Man Mohan-Mukherjee wake up and like parrots chant "GDP Growth rate" to fool Indian Masses as if GDP growth is only thing a country needs to do and that is the only thing government has to do. Even there they have miserably failed.

If other coutnries dont grow how Indian can grow? It is not a joke to increase even 1% GDP which comes to about 8 lac crores and which requires invetsment of almost 4 lac crores in the economy every year just to be modest.

It is very easy to sit with MNCs and Ambanis and take kick backs and rob the banking system, mutual funds and capital markets showing India shining dreams and set up some industries. It is another thing to make deep and long term structural changes including agricuolture, human development, judicial reforms, social services and energy for sustainable growth. I have been challenging and again challenge these economic jokers to register double digit growth for next three consecutive years .They have consistently failed in past.

Today country is in big soup.

Rampant corruption, huge price rise, bad law order and loot going on by greedy and boneless Indian industrialists, politicians, traders and MNCs. China registerd growth rate of 9.2% with just 5.4% inflation and that has sent shivered in them. But here Man Mohan enjoys breakfast without any twinge of shame at 20% consumer counter inflation rate in India since he took over. Do we need such people at top?

The idiotic RBI officials bogged down in 19th centuries economics laws still believe they can control the markets by 1/2% interest rate changes.Nothing could be more stupid and anti national act.

The corrupt and ignorant western capitalist's stooge government is outrightly foolish and antipeople. Reckless and multiple taxation (almost 100% tax rise since Singh came), raising expenses before raising incomes (putting cart before the horse) a typically punjabi urban mentality which perhaps Singh reflects, demand increased instead of supply increase, huge salaries and perks hike for babudom and private sector executives, rampant and uncontrolled corruption in which now even judges and bank executives have joined, rebellion in 7 state of the country. One gets tired writing down the list the foolish way country is being managed. Every 100 days, Singh and Mukherjee ask idiots like Ahluwalia and Rangarajan to lie before media that in next 100 days prices will come down and they obviosuly fail as every week they bring two new ways to boost prices in economy.

Doing statistical jugglery they try to hide absolute inflation since UPA took over the rule. This is 300% for goods and services and 700% in property. It is unprecedented and phenomenal.

BY floating rupee symbol, MM Singh wants to amuse Indians into self exaltation that India has arrived on global financial scene. Nothing could be more fraudulent than this.

Prices are going up, unemployment is going up, gujjars are rent seeking their share for resesrvations, tribals are on war poath, scarce agricultural land is being converted for malls and computer centres.

In fact we wonder if there is any government in India at all or a bunch of jokers and liers glue to seat of power to systematically siphone off lacs of crores of Indian wealth and send it abroad in connivance and forming a mafia of Industruialists,politicians and MNCs.

It is time to throw out this totally nonsense and corrupt government and seize their ill gotten wealth, pack the luggage of Sonia and put Indian polticians behind bars for treason.

Indian GDP is not growing, in real terms it is going down.People are getting poorer. Law and order is worsening with judges and police busy in loot.

There is no regulatory framework visible in the country.Man Mohan ka ek tara bole..... sorry 'Doctor' Man Mohan ka.

Prof R K Gupta

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