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What LOVE cannot get you

Courtesy: Sanjeev, Trainers forum

A lot has been said about what money cannot buy, however, there are numerous things that LOVE cannot get but are essential for the survival of a person and live a normal life in today’s world.

1) When you are hungry, LOVE cannot buy you food or get you basic items to prepare your food. If you can live without food, that is commendable.

2) LOVE cannot get you clothes to wear, leave alone fashion or style, etc. Would you be interested in moving around without clothes or manage with leaves?

3) LOVE cannot get you a place to live. Imagine a house-less world, where people live in open space.

4) When you are sick or get hurt, LOVE cannot pay for your health-care or medical bills.

5) LOVE cannot get you admission to schools let alone pay for your school fees or taking admissions in institutes like Harvard or Wharton, etc.

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If you are hungry or sick, it is unlikely that you will be happy. And if you are unhappy, it is very unlikely that you will be at peace with yourself or with your other relations. You can make a home out of house but you need money to buy or get that house. You must be having knowledge or skills or talent but you need a platform to demonstrate or present it. As they say it in Hindi, “Jungle mein more naacha, kisney dekha?” (Talent in isolation is worthless. No one goes to the jungle to see the dancing peacock. Does anyone?) A poor, sick, homeless person is never going to get respect; he can only get sympathy. No one likes to keep any relation with a penniless, ill, hungry person. Will you?

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