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We need to surrender to become wonderful
Motivational Story

Courtesy: Prasanna, Trainers forum

We need to surrender to become wonderful - Motivational Story

Once there were two large stones named 'Yes' and 'No' in a village. They are near by each other and were very good friends for years together.

The men and boys of that village used to sit on them and discuss many things and that was a big entertainment to both the stones.

One day few men sat on them and discussing about building a temple for their village as they didn't had a temple so long.

'yes' and 'no' were curiously listening them and they were happy to know that the temple is to be built near them and was very happy that they can see more and more people.

The village people brought an expert architect, sculptor to discuss about building the temple. This architect is very famous for making excellent statues and temples for many years.

After going around the village, they came near the stones and the sculptor told the village people. 'This is a good place to build temple. First of all we need to find a perfect stone to sculpt the statue'.

Then they again went around finding one. Finally the sculptor found our `yes' and `no' the perfect stones to make the statue.

The sculptor told both that he need a larger stones like them to make the statue of God for the new temple and he wanted one of them to be.

Both asked what will he do to make them a statue. The sculptor told them the process of making a statue out of a stone.

'First, I will chop with harder hammer and remove all unwanted parts of you. Then I will nail continuously for 10 days to get the shape. Then I will rub your surface for two days with harder scrubber. While I do this for 15 days continuously, you will have to undergo a great pain. You must withstand this dreadful pain for 15 days to become a statue.

After hearing to him, `NO' told the sculptor, `Sir, I am very happy now. I am here for hundreds of years and I don't take this pain'.

`NO' told `YES' also to get away from the sculptor. But, `YES' told the sculptor, `Sir, I heard great about you. You have years of experience and made the most beautiful statues. I am sure what the 15 days pain is only for my good future. I am ready to cooperate with you sir'

`NO' was very upset by his friend's decision. NO tries too hard to convince YES to say no.

But, YES was very clear on it's decision and the work started.

The sculptor made a hut and took YES inside. From the first hour, YES was crying and shouting out of pain. NO was laughing about the BAD decision of YES and thought he escaped. Sometime NO was very sad as the noise from YES was so bad and there was continuous sound of chopping, grinding, nailing and rubbing.

From 14th day, there was no sound from the hut. NO was terribly worried. NO thought YES might have passed away. Meanwhile, the temple was also built. After two months, the day came the opening ceremony of the temple. But NO was still worried about YES as only few people went inside the hut and came without saying anything.

There was a beautiful chart brought near the hut and they took a very beautiful statue from the hut to the temple. The statue was looking alive and stunning. The statue asked NO, `hey friend, how are you?' NO was shocked and recognized it is YES his friend.

YES went inside the temple and there were thousands of people in queue to pray. They used to do a ritual of banging coconut in front of the temple. There were thousands of people were having coconuts to do so.

The POOJA started and there was no place to do the ritual of breaking the coconut. The village people were in search of a stone to do it and found Mr.NO so opt for that. They forcefully pulled NO in front of the temple and started banging the coconuts.

YES surrendered him to an expert and withstood the pain of 15 days and now it is inside the temple and has all the royal treatment. But, NO did not want to undergo any pain and finally NO is banged 100 times every day with rocky coconuts.

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