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Feedback for January 2011 issue

A good MS word table tip

Good one

Implement this - Ants!

Very nice and interesting posting. Thanks.
There is a proverb in Tamil.

எறும்பு முட்டை கொண்டு திட்டை ஏறினால் கட்டாயம் மழைவரும்.
மழைவரும் என்ற உணர்வினால் முன்கூட்டியே எறும்புகள் தன் சந்ததியைக் காக்கின்றன.

V. Subramanian,

Good Questionaire on Heart Attack

The information provided is very knowledgeble


Does your brain works normally?

Brain tips

Yuddhishter - Dharamraja a leader?

Excellent one. Kindly keep sending me

In leadership the most important art is diplomacy which is a game of all three gunas. In diplomatic movement sometime inertia or tamasic guna may be required.

Yudhishthira was having full of knowledges or he was mostly swatick and also having very little amount of rajasik guna & because of which he accepted the challenge of the game of dice, but once again because of lacking of raja and tama guna he could not able to understand the cheating or able confront with Duryodhana. But at the end of kurukshetra when Yudhishthira understood the diplomacy or tacktical sills, he gave a bait to Duryodhana, so that, Duryodhana comes out of the lake & fight with Bhima.

Therefore, in leadership beside knowledge there is a need of skills and right attitude.


Hey, the information is fantastic, even i am trying to get some fruites for my friend who is suffering from cancer.

Pls reply to my mail i.d if you know any seller of this magical fruit.

Even i am interested to grow this tree,if possible send some details of the climate required and the soil type suitable for this fruit.


very usefull for cancer patients but how we findout in india


Direct Call to Heaven

sir, Really wonderful and proud to be an Indian,


HI, I prepared the medicine according to the recipe you have given above. the dosage is not adviced. many people i know now are taking this medicine on a regular basis although we haven\'t got any information on what quantity to be consumed and what time of the day should we take it. before food, after food. what if we consume it twice a day. should i have it with Hot water? Many queries are just answered. does it only help in clearing heart blockage. what age group people can have it? what are the other health benefits of this medicine? Please respond to me on the above email address as early as possible.

Thanks in advance and anticipation.

10 Head Cobra

it is wanderful. in my country india there is a stories about it, that it is the servant of lord vishnu.

How to verify your name in voter list

show the voter list

Dear Sir, Sorry to say. The work which you are doing is Waste Because myself and My Wife applied for change of address for three times But the members who are working is Waste because for my wife they have Changed but for me They have not Changed this is the Way The Govt pupil Works Sorry for it.

please verify my name

20 Most Amazing Coincidences

it is really amazing,i was getting goose bump while reading.

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