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The miracle's secret

Courtesy: Christian Godefroypositive club

I live in Miami since mid-December. Just before Christmas, I had pain in my cervical vertebraes. So I tried a chiropractor.

Goggling a chiropractor was easy.

When I got back in his office, Jonathan, the closest chiropractor to my hotel, seemed to me kind of messy and dirty. But, after all, this does should'nt prevent him from being a good chiropractor.

I had to lie on a very old and dirty electric shiatzu massage machine and I did not understood:

I came to adjust my vertebraes, not for a demonstration of shiatsu machines! I left the machine 10 minutes later, a little upset.

Jonathan took an X-ray of my spine. I hate X-rays: I had enough for months!

Then he examined me, and we spoke together. When I told him that I wanted to get back windsurfing soon, he said:

"Windsurfing? Forget it. Not for a moment! If you do not want to find yourself in a wheelchair, I suggest you look at windsurfing ... on a sofa, watching TV! "

Not very cool.

He then explained that my spine was blocked by the accident and that my short of breath was coming from it.

And he had a solution: 10 electrostimulation sessions.

He tried to adjust my neck, hurted me a lot without succeeding, and I left.

Never, never again...

A nice but incompetent guy who hides his incompetence by all kind of gadgets in his office.

Weeks went by.

I still had a bit of sore neck, so I looked for another chiropractor. I made an appointment with a woman.

Frances Colòn, in Doral.

I liked the name of his firm, "Family Chiropractics".

First thing I saw in her office: plenty of toys in a corner for her young patients.

I told her about my experience with his colleague. She explained that she practiced for 14 years, and was specialized in chiropractic for children and injured.

Since she dealt with 3 years old children she was not exercising power. "I'd be quite incapable "has she added.

No risk she hurts me.

My accident interested her.

She took my radio, a pencil, and showed me how D4 D5 and D6 were misplaced.

"It's amazing, your discs are not crushed, there is a good space between your vertebrae, but the alignement is bad. There must be nerves pinched."

She adjusted me with lightness and efficiency. I took less than a minute with pressures on my back.

"Good!" she told me, and we made an appointment for next week.

I left, happy to have found a good professional.

The next night at 3 am, my breath came back like magic.

It's still there.

This woman saved my life.

She asked me $100, and I would give her thousands.

After 18 months suffocating, my rib cage is released. I can - at last - breathe NORMALLY.

I feel like a million and 20 years younger.

I forgot to tell you that I tried 3 chiropractors BEFORE her, without results.

Life is full of great surprises isn't it?

Frances Colòn can be reached at 305-477-6366.

Transmission of this email to your friends is strongly recommended.

© 2011 Christian Godefroy, Chesières

Reproduction authorized without any change to the text and with reference: Positive Club

Statement: I am not an affiliate and have no financial interest in Frances Business.

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