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Please pray for stability of Indian Rupee
Even if you don't believe

Courtesy: SS Mani, kalakad

Shri Rangarajan AP, has sent the following message:

Chilkur Balaji Temple


Press Note, 13th December 2011

Special Pujas and will be performed at Chilkur Balaji Temple on 14th December 2011 to save the us from the, "once in a Century" economic crisis due to falling value of the Rupee.

At Chilkur Temple, the Devotees in thousands will chant the "Runa Vimochana Nrusimha Stotram" a special chanting invoking the Lion God. The Head Priests Dr M V Soundararajan and Sri C S Gopalakrishna had suggested that such an invocation will help the Dollar crunch to ease and help the recovery of money from defaulters, however big they are.

"Sree Nrusimham Mahaaveeram, Namami Runa Mukthaye…" goes the chanting 8 times at the end of each verse; meaning "I pray to Lord Lashmi Nrusimha, the Lion God seated with the Goddess of wealth to tide over these debts" There are 9 verses in total and the chantings will be done 11 times.

Few questions to be answered to the possible questions.

1) Why are we worried when some banks in the US have gone bankrupt?

Answer: Will it not impact us? Please go back and see how many of your cousins, relatives and friends are sitting with their fingers crossed over their future!

2) What is the connection between Chilkur Balaji Temple and the Worldwide financial turmoil?

Answer: A Temple has to pray for the well being of the Humanity and this is the crisis which will have spiraling effect on the common man and hence this prayer. Chilkur Balaji temple featured on the front page of Wall street Journal on 31st December, 2007 in the USA signifying that He is the savior when such turmoil occurs. Also, Chilkur Temple was the first one to prescribe dress code of handloom for devotees to help the weavers. It has always responded to Social causes and hence this unique prayer.

3) What is the benefit of such a prayer?

Answer: Devotees also made two extra Circumambulations, Pradakshinams around the Temple with these prayers. The Lord blessed us when we prayed similarly in September 2008 when there was power crisis. He will definitely fill us with Credit flows and save the Rupee, He will fill the Banks so that they come out of Bankruptcy…

This Prayer will be done again on 16th December 2011 all through the day. Our request to the Media people is that this news item may be put prominently so that people who are affected already will have a solace that thousands of Devotees are chanting and praying on their behalf and the problems would be gone very soon.

Chilkur Balaji Temple

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