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Learning Points from an Interview

Courtesy: RVS Mani, Chennai

Dear All,

In an interview on CNN, Mr Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus of Infosys mentioned that the lowest ebb in his career had been to take a hard decision of asking his friend to leave the organisation, for violation of value system of the company. We also know that the same person, on leaving Infosys, is creating ripples in business world in his new assignment.

Certain learning points come out of the statement of Mr. Murthy.

(a) In his career spanning almost three decades plus, he would have come across many lows in business decisions which would have worked out fine, if only he had not taken those decisions. There could have been some financial losses too. But for him, those were not the points which touched his heart most. Personal detachment from business growth - a key trait for a leader.

(b) His care and expression of personal loss of making his friend leave the organisation, despite his superlative performance is what a leader cherishes - that is how "Camaraderie" in any organisation gets developed. The team members do the extra mile required, despite all odds and stresses, for the Leader.

(c) When certain value systems are created in the organisation, spelt out in Codes and Ethics document, no matter of anyone's credentials, if he violates these system codes, he has no place in the organisation, come what may. This is equally applied to everyone in the chain and no leniency shown on any account.

This answers one issue, which was under circulation recently in this forum. In the company, if the value system is against any such relationship between staff members then there is no question of retaining both the persons. If the value system is not very clear and definite, then it had to be addressed, depending on the effect of such relationship on the business growth.

Fond regards,

(RVS Mani)
Lt Col (Retd)
Magod Laser Machining Pvt Ltd

"The world does not pay for what a person knows. But it pays for what a person does with what he knows."-~Laurence Lee

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