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Reseravtions and loot
slow poisioning the society

Courtesy: R.K. Guptha, Trainers Forum

I am pasting hereunder my write up on reservations and unethical politics in India recently circulated:

Caste and religion based reservations in a society are most retrograde policy.It leads to vote banks, casteism, manipulations and corruption and degeneration of morality in politics and governance, eventually. India today is more divided in castes and religion groups than it was 200 years ago with people competing to be called dalits and backwards. Shame on we Indians! Reservations based on gender, caste, religion and race is toxic policy for any country.

People become rent seekers, inefficient and dependent on government and getting out of turn bounty.

These people instead of being grateful to society behave as if they have obliged the country or even being born in a particular caste or race and by joining a post on reservation quota and are therefore not supposed to work and can't be removed, whatever they do.General category people feel envious and wronged and copy them.

Reservations can never help since only a fraction of so called minorities and dalit population can be accomodated in limited organsied sector jobs in any country(less than 3 lacs per year). They will have to wait for 200 years to get their job. Those who manage to enter on quotas soon make creamy layer enjoying sleaze and bribes and preventing others to enter. Many such politicians and babus we daily see. They keep taking benefits in same policy for decades. Reservations are thus poison.

Only upto total 15% reservations should be allowed based on financially weak candidates,outstanding sport persons, Martyred army men showing outstanding valour in ware or action and the oppressed women like gang rape victim or a discarded woman by her family/husband.

No quotas for public servants and army and so called VIPs. If India has to progress socially and restore ethics in politics and public life, caste and religion should be totally removed from public policies and work. All advertisements including matrimonial and obituaries should not mention any caste.

But we see that government and politicians are doing just opposite to above principles since last 60 years shamelessly for votes and get into political posts for loot, luxury and sleaze.

No same caste/Religion based candidate should be allowed contest in an area where a caste or religion is dominant. It means cross religion and caste candidates should only be allowed by election commission.

The governments should stop foolish policy of auctions of properties also. This makes rich and corrupt and property mafia groups corner the land in India, raise property prices, and grab land banks in society.It is also an indirect reservation or hidden reservation for the rich and corrupt. Merit cannot be compromised. Give aid to economically weak candidates in education and training. Select a weaker section candidate if he or she is equal to a general candidate as a policy. That is all we need to do.India should follow Canadian Model as to how they help women and weak in society. In india everything is double masked and rhetoric without any sincerity and results.

Make India free of hypocracy, rent seeking, inefficiency and counter- discrimination by State.

Only Mayawati has courage to admit that Brahmins in UP and Bihar are discriminated and are weak in society there. It is true. UP and Bihar are dominated by overactive and cunning people from so called OBC and backwards castes. They keep fighting and grab public property and money and get into positions without merits and hard work.

Most of candidates in elections in India are having only one qualification. Belonging to particular caste or religion. How you can get honest and capable government and which can function freely.

The net result of misgovernance in India is that puppets and fraudulent experts and babus like MM Singh, Chidambram are holding top positions in national government making mess of everything.

It is important that MM Singh is now sacked and his third rate opportunist, looter and arrogant cabinet is dismissed to set up a multi party government for remaining period. The only thing Singh is doing is raising loot and prices in country and raising taxes and promoting corruption and inefficiency (aviation fuel for indian airlines is 50% costly. Why?). He is heading a mafia that is agent of western powers and is busy helping loot and plunder of the country. Muslim reservations have been started and communal violence bill is created to appease muslims for votes. These are indirect reservations.MM Singh governnment in my opinion is most corrupt, dishonest and unethical ever in world history in last 100 years. It is utter failure.

India is a sick society at the moment.

All patriotic and educated people should spread the message and awareness around them in all media.

Though fake Gandhis should go from congress high command, but it is also sad fact that if this family is not in centre control now, Indian politics will fragments and fly all around with scoundrels, opportunists, corrupt and brainless caste based idiots taking country to ransom, since no one will listen to any one else.

One gets terrified on real state of the coutnry. The slogans of India shining and India super power is illussion created in minds of self patting, complascent and meek Indians who have habit to live in dream world and are fatalists.

By any standards Indians are a third rate and corrupt society worse than greece or turkey or even Uganda.

Prof R K Gupta

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