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Don't delay life

Courtesy: Sunayna Navani, Passion HR

Elizabeth Gilbert, once wrote about an Italian proverb that goes something like this:

There once was a man who prayed daily to a statue of a saint that he would win the lottery.

“Dear Saint, please let me win the lottery!”

After a lifetime of praying, the saint became so frustrated he came to life and shook his finger at the man, “My dear man, Yes, I will grant you your request to win the lottery, but will you do just ONE thing for Me, please?"

"Yes, anything. You name it."

If only you would have bought a lottery ticket!”

Dreaming is nice. Hoping is important. But these things without action…are actually pointless.

You must start somewhere. One has to take chances. Don't delay life.

Sunayna Navani, Handwriting analyst

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