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Letter to Mr Kapil Sibbal
and Cong High command

Courtesy: Prof R.K. Guptha, trainers forum

Dear Mr Sibal,


We admire you as being one of the brilliant legal brains of the country and an energetic political leader of congress party. We rather expected that people like your good self would not only improve the decaying congress party but also do wonderful reconstruction of Indian political system and dwindling ethics in the country. Your recent statements that have been published in newspapers about futility of Jan Lokpal bill and the institution is highly discouraging and unpalatable.

Please don't confuse welfare role of State and distribution of social services with the duty of government to provide clean and transparent administration and and fix accountability of elected representatives right up to President level. All the political leaders holding public offices should stop thinking that they are masters of people of India. This arrogance is causing the main damage.

We expect from intelligent leaders like you to come up with radical solutions to redeem the falling esteem of governments in the country and tarnished image of congress, babudom and judiciary which fails to deliver fair and quick justice. We have not seen any steps taken by MM Singh government in these directions at all.

We are sick of your GDP growth rate 'chanting' every morning. Is only GDP growth rate important in society and at what inflation rate? almost 20% per annum at consumer counters since UPA I came in power.

We urge you to kindly take lead and not only work positively but sincerely and establish a institution that is effective and foolproof to tackle corruption in high offices of country. It cant go on like present anymore. The rising civil unrest and dissatisfaction of people of India should be noticed.People are getting poorer and are suffering at hands of government institutions and high handedness.

We will judge performance of UPA on these yardsticks for remaining period and propagate the issues accordingly.

We also urge you to kindly address the problem of rising prices and worsening governance in the country .This all is happening due to weak central leadership and brainlessly pursuing western capitalist glamor model and over drawing on meager resources of the poor country.

Without raising the income side first, UPA under leadership of a famed economist did just the opposite.Raising taxes recklessly and costs in the economy and supply chain.

Sir may I ask Is this the way to run a national government? Can your UPA government come out with a white paper comparing various socio economic benchmarks with that of even USA which UPA is trying to ape? We will sure fail in each parameter.

What is logic of paying salaries of 50 lacs to corporate executives and IIM professors when per capita income of just Rs 35000 PA? Which theory of management and economics UPA government is following? Can UPA point out similar ratios in any good country in world?

I give more example. In USA best universities like Harvard and Stanford charge $ 1.7 lac for MBA program at per capita income of $ 47000 PA. In USA in NY a decent flat of much higher standards than India is available around 2.4 lac dollars at per capita of $ 47000.

I dont have to point out what are the ratios here in India (even in Delhi) after UPA came to power. Our charge sheet against UPA is very long and with unacceptable state of affairs.

Congress party must seriously do rethinking now or face debacle at election hustings.

We hope these questions will be seriously introspected by your good self and your worthy cabinet colleagues and the congress party high command, in country's interest.

The corruption and unaccountability have reached peak in India which never happened in its 64 years existence. We are a politically neutral forum and judge every one with sound logical criteria of public interest. We are highly displeased with your good self and your party.

All the best

Prof R K Gupta
Forum for Enforcement of Civil Liberties-India

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