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India's World Cup Victory
backdrop for CEO's Letter to Employees

Courtesy: G.D. Sharma, Chennai

Dear Friends,

I had the opportunity to recommend to one of my Cleint Organisations that, close on the heels of a heightened wave of excitement and pride sweeping the nation, it may not be out of place to write an inspirational letter to all the employees. The timimg is also apt, as we enter a new fiscal year. This letter has since been isued by the CEO to all employees.

I hope you will like what I have suggested - I was constantly aware that we should not over emphasise the game and its nuances, nor take a mention of names of cricketers, and yet bring out the essence of our victory to drive home some important messages. The receptivity of employees to such messages will be quite high when we relate oganisational performance to a popular game like cricket.

Here is the draft letter from the CEO to all employees (attached)

G.D. Sharma
Beeline HR Advisory, Chennai

The Letter

4th April 2011
Dear Colleagues,

India’s accomplishment in the ICC World Cup 2011 Championships is highly commendable and is indeed a rare feat. After a draught of 28 years, our country is now witnessing a harvest of achievements in the world cricket arena. In all the three forms of the game, we have attained the pinnacle of excellence and gained the stature of world leaders. This is indeed a matter of pride for every Indian and we must be thankful that we were all part of this momentous occasion during our lifetime. As an Organisation committed passionately to deliver Energy Solutions to the Indian corporate world, we at &&*&& Group are very proud to recognize and value these priceless moments of world-class performance that has energized the entire nation and inspired every citizen to aim for the best in their chosen field of activity.

Today, Business or Commerce, and Market realities are no different from a One-day International Cricket match. The transition from the 5-day test format to a 1-day match is also very analogous to the transitions in the manner in which we do business today. The result-oriented approach to the game, the criticality of talent being leveraged for the team’s performance, the asking rate that continuously and consistently keeps the focus on deliverables, and the importance of team work with a progressive and sensitive leadership - all these are common to one-day Cricket and to Business.

As we enter the new fiscal year, let us resolve to deliver a peak performance like the Men in Blue, and create a red-letter day for us at the end of the year, by emulating some of the good lessons from this inspirational game and its players. For, business too is a game – the best team wins. At &&*&&, we shall strive to offer the highest product quality, lowest cost, and efficient delivery through a well-knit team that is multi-talented, and enthused by a Leadership style that motivates, inspires & leads from the front.

Let us all work together to take &&*&& and India to the world-stage by excelling in whatever we do. Let us love what we do, and do it with honesty, integrity, and pride. Then, Happiness cannot be very far away.

All the Best for 2011-12,


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