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Anna Hazerae's fast against corruption

Courtesy: S.S. Mani, Kalakadu

What is that rotten thing?

One or two? How many are troubling our nation? Can we, if at all, get out of these?

And how many of us have such questions in our mind? Unfortunately, this problem is the biggest, than the actual problems that are bothering us!

Attitude is something that can not be attempted to be corrected by me. Not that I am going to correct, or I am capable of correcting all else. But the only way that appears to me to start with, is that everyone who gets such questions in their mind must pour it out.

In science there is some thing called a chain reaction. In fact, that happens in social sector more. So what you think is the problem, please start writing about them. Not that my or your article is going to be published by all newspapers!

But history has enough records to show that some socially relevant thinking as well as inventions appeared simultaneously to more than one mind. So we can be happy that some one else also will think in our way. And if it gets noted, the group and hence the strength can multiply. One individual changing the society is a situation of the past! Those days, people has consciousness. But now, corruption has swallowed everything, leaving no space for consciousness.

Every thing has two sides to it. And we live in a democracy, whether you like it or not. Let us look at only the positives of democracy. It has evolved now, and what evolves over a period on time has to be accepted.

When we say corruption, where do we start to correct it, SORRY, FIGHT IT? At the top or at the bottom? Common man is affected directly by the corruption at the lower levels only. But the bottom is crowded! Attempting to correct it will be mere waste of time. Hence it must start only at the top. At present the laws of the land excludes highest position holders out of every possible act by which corruption is to be fought. Is that correct? When we have just said that our attempts must start with the top, excluding the TOP makes a mockery of our argument. So there should be no exceptions.

When a person is charged with corruption, immediately the person must be asked to resign. Did not Ms. Jayalalitha remain out of power for some time as a result? So what makes one think that our system will collapse if that one person resigns? And if our system is so weak that it will collapse that way, 100% we can conclude that some is wrong with our system only, but fortunately there have been enough instances that have proven beyond doubts about the strength of our system. It is immaterial whether it is democracy or heritage that has given this strength to us, but the simple fact is that we have the strength.

Once the top becomes accountable, they come out of their dependency on corruption or corrupt people for their survival. I mean starting from the president down to all designation of ministers and governors. They can be, and will be bold, though it may take some time for this to happen. Automatically the bureaucracy surrounding them will be the next to clean itself.

Once these two are clean, rest of the machinery, however strong it might be including its numerical strength will be automatically weakened. That includes down to the peon in a milk federation office! Can that leave out any one, say in the RTO or Thasildar office? Definitely no.

But how do we achieve that? Again where do we start?

For this, a God sent opportunity is knocking at India's door now!

When you have read so far, I am sure you have heard or read about the great Anna Hazare of Maharshtra! Today (5-4-2011) he is starting on a fast unto death for Jan Lokpal Bill. You can read more about that in and every news website worth its name would have covered this news item.

What is he demanding which is not acceptable to our CLEAN IMAGE prime minister?

The government is about to introduce a bill in our parliament with the above name with few ministers and politicians as members to finalise it.

As stated in the beginning of this write up how can the corrupt write a law against corruption? Exactly to counter this, Anna Hazare is demanding to include a few socially active corruption fighters in that group.

Is this an unacceptable request to you and me? But to our PM it is so! Why?

It is a fact today that human life has no value, whatever our government says. Only if you are a VIP your life is valued, but in the case of a commoner, he can be dispensed with! Now who is Anna Hazare?

Sitting in Tamilnadu, many of us may not know him. But a time has come to know him. Let us simply state that he is like Gandhi! More can be read about him in .

After reading more about him, you can think whether his life is worthless or worth more than a VIP!

If you and me can use all social networking sites like face book, tweeter etc expressing our support to him, we can consider ourselves also to have started our journey.

You can also pen your own thoughts and publish it in all places. Or you can forward this mail itself, in your name.

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