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High blood pressure


Risk factors for high blood pressure

The risks of developing high blood pressure multiplies as we get older. Being older than 55 years is a major risk factor.

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is above 23, you are at a risk of developing hypertension.

Men are more likely to develop high blood pressure than men.

Having a family history of high blood pressure places you in a high risk category.

Smoking injures the blood vessel walls and speeds up the process of hardening of the arteries.

Those who have a sedentary lifestyle and don't exercise at all are more prone to develop high blood pressure.

Those who have a diet rich in salt and eat lots of processed food are vulnerable to develop hypertension.

Certain medicines are known to contribute to hypertension. Drugs like cocaine, crack, and amphetamines also lead to high blood pressure.

Damage to the kidneys almost invariably leads to high blood pressure.

Other medical problems like hormonal imbalances, certain anatomic abnormalities, tumours etc. can cause a type of high blood pressure known as secondary hypertension.

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