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What’s Holding Us Back?

Courtesy: Hari nair, Passion HR

Dear friend,

In our journey called life, sometimes we progress fast and sometimes we are not. We all want progress in life but we just can’t make it as we would like to, why?

What’s holding us back from manifesting ourselves as we should be?

Is it ourselves, people around us, not being spiritual, not following spiritual principles, having bad habits, our guilt feelings, our attachments, our enemies, our fear, lack of will power, not having enough love etc?

Let’s discuss about them here today.

Being My Own Friend or Enemy

Although there are various other factors that affect our destiny, in the ultimate analysis it’s we ourselves who are responsible for our own progress in life. We are our friend when we help ourselves to progress following the guidance of our inner voice & practicing our default spiritual qualities or we become our own enemies when we become stagnant or degraded, following the misguiding mind influenced by our immediate sensual gratifications. However, from early childhood till teen-age period, our life is almost totally guided & molded by the people, culture and environment with whom we grew up and so we can’t do much individually against those influences. However, after passing through this stage, we become more or less responsible for our own life and so, we can make or mar our life with our own good or bad karmas.

Role of Parents & Social Environment

Parents, family members, relatives, friends, teachers, neighbors, social contacts, religions, country etc do affect our progress & destiny of life. From childhood till teen-age stage; parents, family members and friends have highest influence on us. The role of parents is the most important during our childhood and till the teen-age period. After teen-age, others start influencing more; like the social contacts through higher studies, jobs, memberships, religion, country’s political & economic situations etc. However, if we decide to change for the better, there is always some ways to make it happen amidst any situation and this is mostly possible after the teen-age period when we start applying our independent ideas to our life.

Becoming a Spiritual Person

If one becomes spiritual instead of clinging to any organized belief systems like religions, cults, creeds or political affiliations and start practicing independent thinking with open mind, welcoming all good ideas/things/people from anywhere/everywhere; then, there is the better way of creating our own best life manifesting all the best qualities; truly becoming a global/universal human being; thus bringing love, unity, peace & happiness among the people in the world.

Twelve Spiritual Principles/Qualities for Progress

These twelve spiritual principles/qualities when practiced in our daily life, we will have self-confidence about our progress and happiness in life. They are LOVE, PURITY, CLEANLINESS, DUTY, SINCERITY, EMPATHY, NON-INJURY, EQUITY, UNITY, PHILANTHROPY, JUSTICE & HAPPINESS. Where people practice these twelve spiritual principles/qualities, there will be peace, prosperity & happiness among the people in the society individually & collectively.

Twelve Bad Habits/Qualities for Degradation

These twelve bad habits/qualities if not checked with constant awareness in our daily life, our degradation in life is assured. They are FALSE EGO/FALSE PRIDE, LUST/SENSUALITY, GREED/COVETIOUSNESS, ANGER/WRATH, JEALOUSY/ENVY, GLUTTONY/OVER-EATING, SLOTH/LAZINESS, PREJUDICE/HATRED, GLOOMINESS/SADNESS, NEGATIVE/PESSIMISTIC THOUGHTS, LYING/CHEATING, SELF-PITY/INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Where people practice these twelve bad habits/qualities, there will be fights, war, chaos & unhappiness among the people in the society individually & collectively.

Nobody is Perfect

Having mentioned the Twelve Spiritual Principles/Qualities to practice and the Twelve Bad Habits/Qualities to guard against, it is to be understood that we should not feel guilty when some setbacks come up while practicing them, because ‘guilt feeling’ is the hell in itself. So when we make some mistakes in life that everybody does consciously or unconsciously, we should take lessons from them, but not to condemn ourselves and make those failures as the stepping stones to our further progress & success in life. There is no sin or forbidden actions in this world but only mistakes that could have been avoided if we were aware of them beforehand. So be happy all the time in all doings .

Middle Path

Middle path is the best way! Our best qualities can manifest when we maintain balance of our spirit, mind & body; thus following the middle path we can be our best, live happy life and follow the enlightened path of life blooming & blossoming. To follow the middle path we have to practice non-attachment to the material aspects of our life while maintaining the spiritual consciousness of all beings. We can bloom like the pure & clean lotus flower although grown in the mud, the best example of non-attachment! ‘Too much’, ‘excess’, ‘extreme’, ‘fanatic’ are the words that denote attachment and so avoid being identified with these terms in life in both material & spiritual aspects of life. So, don’t forget: Middle path or moderation is the enlightened path as shown by Buddha.

No Enemy

People we think as enemies are no enemies in reality but our misguided mental projections make them so! Sense of enmity is based on material consciousness like in bodily terms as different races and having attachment to it; considering the outside look and forgetting the spiritual oneness inside us all. Rich & poor become divided being themselves measured in terms of material wealth not considering the spiritual/human qualities. Material consciousness creates enemy because people in greed start looking at the profit aspects only while dealing with the fellow people just like material commodities to manipulate, enslave, suppress, tradeoff & exploit; thus forgetting to practice the spiritual principle like love, empathy, equity, justice etc. The more people are material conscious, the more, people will be selfish and the more, enemies around; but where spiritual consciousness prevail, there, people will intend & work for the welfare of all and so there will be no enemy, anywhere. Since the true we are the souls/spirits having human experience, our true life is to live in spirituality and thus if we live our true life then there are no enemies because spirituality is the true nature of all beings full of love & happiness.

No Fear

Fearlessness is our true nature and so, if we are afraid of anybody or anything that indicates that we are not being in our true nature! We feel fear when we do wrong things against the warning of our inner voice. We fear somebody when we have bad intention and try to harm that person. We fear wild animals because we have the killing mindset toward them instead of loving them. Love can overcome fear and love is our true nature. Where there is love, there will be no fear. When we practice love, we are in our true nature. Fear is our own creation. Fear is illusion; just like in the dark we see many imaginary figures that in reality are not; fear is due to ignorance, not knowing our true reality. Where there is sunshine, there is no darkness; similarly when we are enlightened to our eternal/deathless status of being and start living with our true nature, manifesting our spiritual qualities like love, empathy, non-injury etc in life, all our fears will go away!

Will Power

Disciplined mind is the source of our will power but in order to control the mind, it is always better to convince than suppress it. When our various sense organs are put into good use with balance, our mind can be easily convinced & controlled. To exercise effective will power to stop any bad habits, first you have to have the firm faith that what you are doing is in the best interest of yourself and for others. After having this firm conviction, it will become easy for you to exercise will power to stop any kind of bad habits like smoking, alcohols, intoxicants, drugs, overeating, corruption, stealing, lying etc.

Love All

All problems can be solved where there is love. Yes, I mean all kinds of individual, family & social problems at any level. When I say love, I am talking about true love i.e. unconditional love, the kind of universal & transcendent love that is limitless and without any material or physical conditioning, that expands and covers all. Just try to meditate on the nature of this true love and start applying it in your day to day life and see the difference for the better. When I say love all, I mean, love all beings, both living & non-living beings, all, everywhere. If you are eager about God realization, then, by practicing this true love to all, will soon make you realize who God is: the all powerful, the all knower, the all present Being who is Generator, Organizer & Destroyer of all. Love all means love God and loving God means doing good to all with love and when you live your life this way nothing will hold you back from manifesting your best in life.

Happiness for all!

Goodman Naorem

Hari Nair
People Passionate Person & A HR Professional

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