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Nareepol Tree (Woman Tree) - Miracle of God

There is an amazing tree in Thailand named Nareepol. Naree means woman and pol means tree. It means women tree. A creature which look exactly like a woman may be seen hanging on this tree. This woman like thing is hanging on the tree like a mango on the mango tree. On first sight it totally looks shocking and amazing.

The real tree can be seen at a place called Petchaboon about 500 kms away from Bangkok .

Hey this is a fruit in human shape. Unbelievable just have a look.

This is amazing tree named 'Nareepol' in Thai. Naree means 'girl/woman' and pol means plant/tree or 'buah' in Malay. It means women tree.

It is amazing what GOD created the World in many forms that amused human beings.

You can see the real tree at Petchaboon province about almost 500 kms away from Bangkok.

This information is claimed to be a hoax and not true by many internet users.

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