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FII investment and plunder in the country

Courtesy: Prof R.K. GUPTHA Trainers forum

FII investment is almost near 1000 Billion rupees in Indian stock markets alone. This means Rs 1 lac crores. On this investment FIIs would naturally expect a return of at least Rs 20000 crores annually. That is minimum. It will be ofcourse more as markets will be manipulated.

This investment by FIIs in secondary market has no economic utility for India as money goes in hands of existing shareholders who get richer at higher stock prices and this liquidity leads to price rise and property price rise in country. A bubble is slowly forming in which only Indian retail investors will drown once it bursts. Like it already happened 4 times in past.

India was never looted so openly and rampantly as now in what we can call new age imperialist attack on India thanks to connivance of corrupt and capitalist stooges like Sonia, Man Mohan and his cabinet. These corrupt politicians hand in glove with internal business sharks who are not more than one lac in numbers and with FIIs and MNCs are allowing loot and plunder of the country.

To maintain these high prices of stocks, companies will raise profits by raising prices of goods and services from the Indian consumers as only less than 30% sales comes from selling abroad by these companies.

This is also one of main reasons for price rise in country. The second reason is reckless taxation going on in country. The third reason is badly managed schemes like NREGA and huge salary rise in private and public sector. Since India does not have resource capabilities and land, the prices are bound to escalate causing poverty and unrest in country. In history of India for last 1000 years, it was never so badly plundered.

The scarce resources of India are being over exploited and will lead to severe problems after a decade coupled with already reducing agricultural land (less than 1500 sq yards per person) and rising population (15 crores more in next decade).

This financial conspiracy by Sonia and MM Singh government is anti national act and act of treason. It is unfortunate that major opposition parties like BJP have joined hands with the ruling party silently and are watching the loot.may be they get their cut.

You dont need Ghaznavi and Babar today. In modern era you dont have to physically invade countries. Financial invasion is enough to destroy societies. After all money is always objective of loot followed by land and women. Land is already opened up to MNCs and Foreigners now.

These corrupt and brainless fraudulents experts will argue that in USA also similar facilities are available. But are they followign same ratios of various things like in USA. We are no where near these ratios. In India all ratios are already heavily distorted and injurious. The per capita income of India is only 1100 $ as against 48000 dollars in USA. 70% of Indian population is still having income of less than $1.8 per day (my estimate). Nowhere in any european country and USA inflation has been more than 5% in last 20 years record. In India since MM singh and Sonia have come inflation has been total 300% for commodities and 700% for property in less than 8 years. It is not by demand but by bad management or rather no management and loot allowed.

It is time this corrupt government is dismissed and those at top of UPA are prosecuted for treason and vandalism.

It is important to kick out these MNCs and FIIs from India so that stock markets return to normal level of P/E ratio of 10-12 for FY 2011 earnings.

Only FDI should be allowed with a certain reasonable proportion to CAPEX in India and in only priority sectors for improvement of basic services and in high technology products.

In no other significant country the ratio of FII and FDI is so high to their national capital employed or GDP.

With what ever is going on inflation can never come down from 20% PA level.

It is surprising that even highly qualified people in India are acting blind and brainless and our babudom who has also been bribed by huge pay packets and perks are too acting blind and are cooperating in this loot. Shame on them!

No point in talking about foreign owned and MNC funded media of India. Now the most corrupt in world.

Only a mass revolution by people can save impending disaster in India that is sure to come in less than decade time.

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