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Bread Addiction

Courtesy: Chithra Jha, Trainer's forum

Eating bread is just as addictive as heroine but unlike a heroine addict who has to go out and "score" their drug.

If you're addicted to bread, you have to face it everywhere.

Why Is Bread So Addictive?

Bread is a refined carbohydrate, meaning it has been stripped down of all the nutrients, and even the fiber has been removed.

All that's left is a carbohydrate, or a sugar, that is absorbed into your blood VERY fast.

And unlike table sugar that is only one chain of a sugar molecule (or maybe two in some kinds of sugar).

Bread is an entire CHAIN of sugar molecules. And that means you get a MASSIVE sugar hit to your system.

All these chains break down in your digestion in an instant and FLOOD your blood with sugar.

This gives you an energy spike, but when your blood sugar (or glucose levels) are too HIGH.

Your body does this really amazing thing to protect itself.

It stores fat.

And then you CRASH.

Isn't that fantastic!

And when you crash, you crave more and more bread in order to get your sugar levels back up.

And the cycle repeats.

You Can Break Your Addiction To Bread

Over the next 3 days, be aware of how much bread you are eating.

Try replacing bread with some slow-burning carbohydrates that are not refined.

Here are some healthy substitutes:

1. Brown Rice 2. Quinoa 3. Seeds And Nuts

You will still get your same "nutty, earthy, and crunchy" satisfaction from eating these foods like you do when you eat bread...

But you won't get the sugar spike, fat storage, and a sugar crash that comes with it.


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