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Elephant can Fly
contributed by Kulpreet Singh


Once upon a time, a parrot (or was it a sparrow - It doesn't matter anyway and an elephant were friends and could be seen together at all times. Because of the flying abilities of the parrot, the elephant held the parrot in very high esteem. Within its heart, the elephant was fostering an ambition of flying someday.

One day, it approached the parrot and very reverently submitted to the parrot, its heart's desire. The parrot addressed the elephant and said, "Well my friend! It's not difficult to fly after all! Here, take this feather from me. It has magical powers. Hold it in your mouth and flap your ears as hard as you could and you would be airborne". The elephant took the feather and did exactly as it was told and Lo! the elephant was flying! It flew over hills and valleys, rivers, seas and the land to its hearts fill. Satisfied at the experience, the elephant returned back to the parrot and said, "Thank you very much sir! I have had my hearts wish fulfilled. Now take back your feather". The parrot replied, "It is not the feather that took you to the skies. It was your effort and faith. What I gave you was just an old feather which I did not need anyway".

So what moral does this story hold after all?

Let us leave alone the question of whether an elephant can really fly or not. If elephants can dance, they certainly can fly too.

What are the most significant traits that enabled the elephant to fly?

What significant characteristic/trait of the parrot is important for a leader?

Most important amongst the elephants characteristic are: Desire, the Will and the Faith.

Where there is a desire, there is ambition. Where there is ambition, there is determination. Where there is determination, there is action. In this case, this is exactly what happened.

The trust placed by the elephant on the parrot (when it comes to flying, definitely, the parrot is superior to the elephant) when it believed and followed what the parrot told it to do plays a very important role. This is something akin to the Guru-Sishya parampara (गुरु शिष्य परम्परा) in the Indian culture wherein you place your full faith on the Guru and the Guru in turn blesses the disciple with all his knowledge/skill. The guru is elated only when the sishya proves himself to be superior to the Guru himself at the end of his Gurukulam.

Take the role of the parrot! It showed the way for the elephant and when the elephant came back from its flying sortee, it made a point to tell the elephant that It was the ability of the elephant and not that of its feather that enabled the elephant to fly. Imagine, what would have happened had the parrot taken credit for the elephant's achievements?

It would be similar to managers cornering all the glory when something good is done and leaving the work force frustrated. By telling the elephant and making it realize its own abilities, the parrot ensured that the faith of the elephant is reinforced and it realizes its own true potential.

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