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Bury Ayodhya issue for ever

Courtesy: Prof R.K. Guptha, trainers forum

The meticulous work done by ASI for excavation in presence of muslim and hindu workers both, and parties' lawyers and court appointed inspectors and use of modern technology is beyond any questioning. It is very much scientific, transparent and unbiased report concluding presence of Hindu temple structure and even on walls of the demolished mosque Hindu motifs have been found even now.

This is further corroborated and well documented by various scholars and travellers in last 500 years about long history of muslim invaders destroying local places of worship.

It is meaningless to criticise just for sake of criticism and continuing dispute knowing fully well that temple did exist there and land was never sold or gifted to Muslims for bulding a mosque. It was captured under power of sword.Hindu Mahant has been fighting right from days of british.

The wily british and later wily congress politicians including Nehru kept the dispute alive by ignoring facts to divide and rule.

It is agreed that any person won't let go of property in his custody so easily due to normal human weaknesses and emotions.

But then dispute has to be ended someday some how.

Justice Sudhir Agarwal one of the 3 judge bench did extensive research(5300 pages) with 298 books of various genres and 798 judgements right from time of Privy council. His work is credible and extensive and deserves a PhD or D.Litt Honorary degree from Lucknow University.It was a massive work in a sensitive area with political and communal fall out. His research is conclusive and not merely exploratory.

No one is talking about Justice Sharma who gave very clear verdict for entire land for Hindus. considering it as extreme view.

The land may belong to any one.But GOI has powers to acquire any land or property when in public interest under law of the country and that is what they have already done under supreme court suggestions. if Muslim invaders could acquire this land why today's government can't reacquire it?

Sunni Waqf Board is a public owned body and not a private party. At best they can claim compensation and rehabilitation for acquisition at going rate in Ayodhya and particular location.

Muslims should not miss an important point that Ayodhya to Hindus is as important if not more as Mecca to muslims. Both are believed to be sacred places for abode of Almighty God the Allah and Ram.Both being same. Youc ant adopt double standards.

The best thing for both Hindus and muslims is to accept the judgment in letter and spirit,give up confrontation attitude and emotional overactivity and move ahead in time and help each other properly delineate land in suitable parts for making excellent layout plan for Ram temple at spot of dispute and a mosque if muslims do want to re-make one in Ayodhya, which is hardly of any importance to muslim community.

The young people in Hindus and Muslims should come together and prevent these corrupt and fanatic old men in all parties and religious seats who are trying to do politics and create problems. Just reject them all. The behaviour of congress and people like Mulayam siungh are condemnable.

It is a great opportunity for Indian muslims to establish that they not only appreciate communal harmony truly and are modern but accommodative in national interest and for sake of peace and brotherhood and that Islam is after all not as bad as being made out. Send strong signals to corrupt politicians making their living on these religious issues.

The stakes are too high for both hindus and muslims and India to miss this opportunity.

Bury this dispute and move ahead for better life and peace in society.Set a fresh example.

Prof R K Gupta

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