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Courtesy: Salehaahmad, Trainers forum

Once a traveller reached a village. He had a lot of luggage with him, he wanted to settle there. Before entericoming he asked a sage he saw sitting under a tree, 'I want to live in this village but I want to know what kind of people live here?'

The sage asked him, 'What kind of people lived in the village from where you are coming?"

"Oh,they were mean and selfish."

"the same kind of people live here too."The sage replied.

Some days later another man came to the same village and asked the sage the same question, "What kind of people live her?"

the sage asked back,"What kind of people lived in the place you are coming from?"

The Man replied, "Oh, the people were good, kind and helpful."

The sage said,"It is the same kind who live here."

In both the cases the sage was telling the truth.

What we see is seen through the prism of our eyes, in our own hues.

Therefore true yogis try to attain a status of mirror, of nothingness of self to see the truth.

Look at how Meer taqi Meer says this addressing the beloved (God)

"Tum mere paas hote ho goya(as if)
Jab koi doosra nahin hota."

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