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Courtesy: K.R. Ravi, Trainers forum


In the wake of the phenomenal success of ENDHIRAN [ROBOT in Hindi] several friends of mine asked me to explain the unparalleled popularity of superstar Rajnikant. The underlying assumption was this's a star needs great looks, bulging muscles, amazing dress sense, impressive hair style, fair skin, and a swagger all his own. Rajni has none of these qualities so what explains his mass appeal?

To examine this let me tell you of something interesting about the man Rajni.

After ENDHIRAN was declared a box office success the star took off to the Himalayas as he usually does. He likes to be left alone at least high on the mountains but a star like him cannot hide even from the gods. As he was strolling, an intrepid fan espied him, whipped out his camera and recorded for posterity a few snaps of the great actor. What was special about the star's appearance from the Bollywood viewpoint was this Rajni was dressed like a totally ordinary unsophisticated Tamilian in a simple veshti, with a bald pate, what looked like Hawaii chappals, unshaven cheeks, crumpled shirt, showing his thin legs - the works.

Herein lies the appeal of the man and his key to success that few have realised. The man has converted his liabilities into assets, weaknesses into strengths, his very ordinariness into something special that instantly connects to his audience. Contrast this with a bollywood incident.

Dev Anand was shooting in a remote part of Bihar one winter. At night the cast and crew slept in tents by a mountainside. Around 4 am in bitter winds a few of the crew decided to play a prank on the legend. They wanted to see Dev Saab not in his customary fashionable attire, scarf and all, but in pyjamas and vest like any ordinary mortal. At 4 am a few of them walked up to the tent and shouted Dev Saab Dev Saab, Jaldi aayiye' Came the star's reply also in his usual style Ek minute'. A half a minute later Dev saab sauntered out - FULLY DRESSED AS IF READY FOR A SHOT, INCLUDING HIS FAMOUS SCARF AND SWAGGER.

The contrast epitomises it all. The southern star is loved while bollywood stars are admired. By the way Dev Saab confesses to love Rajni and the latter reciprocates.

The lessonconvert your liabilities into assets.

In situations where we have to make quick decisions with limited or no information we also follow a useful technique I asked my Mumbai friends the following questions:

[1] Which city has a bigger population Madurai or Tuticorin?
[2] Which actor is better paidVijayakanth or Irfan Khan?
[3] Who is more powerful Kapil Sibal orAnbumani Ramdas? In each case most got their answers right not because they had the information BUT BECAUSE THEY WERE IGNORANT OF THE ANSWER! To put it differently when faced with uncertainty and ignorance we decide on the basis of what is familiar . Ignorance can be our strength. K.R.RAVI

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