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Courtesy: Prof Guptha, trainers forum

Reservations are generally used in society for temporary measure to help or protect any weaker section of society. But unlike in india majority of world countries dont have caste system. Religious and racial discrimination is though present.

Our constitution in 1950 also recognised this issue and made provisions for reservations so government in requisite cases can do that.

Unfortunately drawing inspiration from untouchable movement of Gandhi and fact that Ambedkar had faced such discrimination and was now head of committee of writing Constitution he ensured that caste based reservations are entered. Same was done for Scheduled tribes or those people of small communities living in deeper rural and forest areas cut off from mainstream society in country.

This period was kept for 20 years. But agree that 20 years is too less a period for bringing effective changes specially when India was new country and poor and in state of confusion.

But later by end of 60s, reservation was cleverly misused by congress for vote bank politics using same style as of British to divide and rule. From here degeneration started.

1. Should we have reservations? Yes we will have to have these. For some cases like sportsperson, economically weak people and weaker sections like females and children.

Reservations are different from quotas.

2. Reservations are a two edged sword? yes. These are social justice and protection tools. But at the same time these are misused by politicians and creamy layers in reserved category. It also deprives meritorious people from opportunity which is snatched form them. It also divides society in permanent boxes of castes.

3. What should be percentage of reservations? In any society reservations should ideally be not more than 10-15%. Otherwise they no more are reservations. In india supreme court pegged these at 50% but politicians have exceeded it by back doors.

4. Are reservations really effective and desirable? No, reservations can't provide jobs to millions of unemployed and poor youth and old alike. India is having 70 million people waiting for employment. No governments or organised sector can create so many jobs. It is impossible. In fact reservations can't service even 10% of deserving population. Reservations are also escapist tool for politicians to avoid development and tell people look we are giving you reservations. Reservations are also used to favor own people.

5. What are ill effects of reservations? Permanent caste divide in country. Caste system now can never be eliminated in India. It is increasing. Reservations kill merit unless condition are included in reservations. It creates inequality and bitterness in meritorious citizens.It results in lower productivity. Reservations have unfortunately also been liked to protectionism from state. Like, if you are from SC/ST category it is generally assumed you wont work and you cant be acted against. This is wrong.

It is found that membeers of rserved category have no sense of gratitude to society and dignity to pay back the favor done to them and show to society thatt they are equally meritorius and more honest then general category people. It is serious lacuna.

6. Women reservations: I am deadly against gender and religion based reservations. However in elections government tries to put 33% reservation for women in elected seats. But 33% women are not required at all. It also assumes that men dont look after interest of women. That is wrong. Reservation can be at the most 15% inlcuding all categorirs in parliaments.

This also should be with conditions:

instead of making seats reserved in assemblies and parliament, all parties should reserve the tickets for women. That is what Sonia is doing. This way meritorious women only can come as they have to show work and face public.

If permanent reservations of seats are done women of doubtful integrity can manage to enter backed by powerful lobbyists. Such women who will raise hands in day and drop the skirts in night will be dangerous for democracy and governance and morality,

7. Reservations should be based on economic backwardness that automatically takes care of caste cause backwardness as both are linked

8. In reservations no second person form same family and first cousins family should be allowed including for election candidature. Reservation should also be done away with for a community after aperiod one by one with rotation so other people also can take benefits.

9. Government should focus on development and good governance and fast and effective judiciary instead of using reservations as substitute for development.

Comments and discussions are welcome.

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