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The Diamond And The Dewdrop


A beautiful diamond that a princess dropped one day lay lost in a meadow. Just above it shone a drop of dew, hanging from a shoot of grass.

The sun made them both shine, and the modest dewdrop admired the noble stone. A large beetle who was passing by recognized in the diamond someone of high origin.

"Sir, I give you homage," the beetle said.

"Thank you," the diamond responded haughtily.

Turning its head, the beetle saw the drop of dew. "One of your relatives I presume?" the beetle said, nodding toward the diamond.

The diamond burst out laughing. "How can you place me on the same level as this vulgar being? Its beauty is only imitation. It shines but it doesn't last."

The beetle was flabbergasted, and the drop of dew felt completely humiliated. Then a bird flew down and pecked at the diamond.

"Ah no," the bird said, disappointed, "I thought you were a drop of water, but you are only a diamond. My beak is dry, I feel like I'm going to die of thirst."

"Oh well, what's one bird more or less," the diamond laughed again.

But at the same time the dewdrop resolved to help the bird. "Can I be of use to you?" it said.

The bird raised its head. "Oh precious friend, you have saved my life!"

"Come then," said the dewdrop. And the bird drank it up and flew away, revived.

"Here is a lesson I won't soon forget," thought the beetle, continuing on its way. "Simple merit is worth more than rank or wealth that has no modesty or devotion. There can be no real beauty in that."

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