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Volcano Ash Grounds UK flights

Courtesy: K.Thyagarajan,Chennai

Up to eight hundred people have been evacuated from their homes in south-west Iceland after a volcanic eruption under a glacier, officials say. Several earthquakes have been registered in the area and huge plumes of steam were seen rising there. The last volcanic eruption at the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier was on 20 March - the first since 1821 - and it forced about 500 people in the sparsely populated area from their homes.

The eruption in Iceland on Wednesday sent ash kilometres into the air. Satellite images show the cloud as brownish-black as ice particles mingle with ash.

All flights in and out of the UK and several other European countries have been suspended as ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland moves south. Up to 4,000 flights are being cancelled with airspace closed in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark among others.

The UK's air traffic control service (Nats) said no flights would be allowed in UK airspace until at least 0700 BST on Friday amid fears of engine damage.

Safety group Eurocontrol said the problem could persist for 48 hours.

The volcano is still spewing ash and the wind direction is expected to continue bringing clouds into UK and European airspace for some time to come. The UK's airspace restriction was the worst in living memory, a Nats spokesman said. Some 600,000 people are thought to have been affected.

Dark and menacing, this is the giant cloud of volcanic ash that paralysed air travel in Britain yesterday.

As experts warned of days of chaos, health officials told those with conditions such as asthma to stay indoors.

In an awesome demonstration of nature's power, every plane will be grounded until the wind stops blowing debris towards us from a volcano 700 miles away in Iceland.

Patient: A couple use their suitcase as a makeshift bench as they wait for news of their flight at Newcastle Airport yesterday

Fed up: Young passengers wait for information about flight cancellations in Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport yesterday. The disruption could continue for days, experts have warned

Choking: The smoke is blown across the skies above houses in Iceland yesterday

I see red: One upside of the ash that saw flights cancelled across Britain was a stunning sunset, seen casting a red glow over Heathrow airport

An image made available by NEODASS/University of Dundee which shows the volcanic ash plume from Iceland, top left, to the north of Britain as received by NASA's Terra Satellite at 11.39 GMT Thursday April 15, 2010.

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