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Sacred Tears

Courtesy: Christian Godfrey

She was in the greatest distress. Her son, her darling son, had just been killed by an enemy's sword. She knelt at the feet of the sage, crying, hoping to find comfort.

The sage listened to her crying for hours. Then he listened as she spoke of her son when he was alive. And then he listened as she spoke of the emptiness of her life after his death.

Finally the sage gently spoke. "Woman, I don't have the power to dry your tears, but I can teach you how to make them sacred."

No one can avoid suffering. But should we? No, because often the road of suffering is sacred, necessary to heal the hurts of the world. Healing causes suffering, and yet it is healing that causes wounds to close.

We must learn to apply reason as a balm to our unhappiness. Doing so will make it bearable.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the sage calls a butterfly."

Richard Bach

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