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Leadership Secrets


Leadership Gyan Adapted from Jack Welch memoirs

Become the change before the change can


The mindset of yesterday's manager-accepting compromise, keeping things tidy-bred complacency.

Tomorrow's leaders must raise issues, debate them, and resolve them.

They must rally around a vision of what a business can become.ehan


Start their day as if it were their first day on the job.

In other words, always think fresh thoughts. Make it a habit to think about your business. Don’t rest on your laurels.

Make whatever changes are necessary to improve things. Reexamine your agenda, and rewrite what needs to be rewritten.

Do not follow a set script, change the script as you move along and what clicks and don’t click


It may sound simple, but getting any organization or group of people to see the world the way it is and not the way they wish it were or hope it will be is not as easy as it sounds.

Leaders should see things as they are, to deal with the way it is now, not the way they wish it would be.

Best examples are our politicians who still invoke past glory Gandhi, Nehru, caste, religion, English phobia, resistance against pubs, opposite sex mixing rather then accepting we have progressed, it is a new generation alltogether.The old issues do not matert


Managing is allocating people and resources. Put the right people in the right job, give them what they need, and then get out of the way.

Manage less. delegate, remove unnecessary permissions, approvals, reports…

Emphasize vision, not supervision. Managing less lets managers think big thoughts and come up with new ideas to benefit the business

Make the business simple

Business is simple. Complications arise when peopleare cut off from vital information.

Always keep the five key questions in mind: What does your global competitive environment look like?

In the last 3 years, what have your competitors done?

In the same period, what have you done to them? How might they attack you in the future? What are your plans to leapfrog them?

Managers lead with vision.

Managers must persuade others to implement through the force of vision

IDEA Sharing

Emphasize idea sharing inside the company. Do You make sure ideas are exchanged at every level and from every corner of the company?

Find and implement the best ideas, no matter where they come from.

the best ideas do not come only from within but can be from anywhere. GE six sigma idea came from outside.

Make sure that great ideas are followed by implementation.

Unless the idea is acted on, it will have little Impact.

Speed,simplicity and self confidence

Promote the three “S’s”: speed, simplicity, and selfconfidence.

These three attributes build organizations that are able to change with the changing environment.

Start with a simple message. The most effective communications are those that are easy to understand.

Making the vision clear sparks people’s passion and productivity.

Establish systems that foster self-confidence. Help people understand how their efforts are helping the company to succeed.

Find ways to let people take risks and win.


Root out boundaries. Anything that disrupts communications between departments and employees or between employees and outside constituents is bad.

LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO THE WORK or who are closer to the customer .

People who bring the dough are more important than the bean counters

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