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Power of words over water

Dear All,

I got a thoughtful mail from my friend (60 Years old Scientist, lives in US) regarding the Japanese Scientist. I am sharing it here. Thanks.

Dear Rama,

I wanted to post the following in "Nambikkai" but was not sure if it would offend anyone's feeling. I therefore want you to please go through it and let me know if it is ok to post it as is or with any modification. Thanks and vanakkam.

I am sorry for posting this in English. While no one can deny the power of spoken and written words, I find it hard to believe the water experiments of Dr. Emoto. As a scientist (biophysical chemist), I would not want the public to be exposed to data such as this that are not scientifically well-established and proven. The water experiments of Dr. Emoto have not found a general acceptance by the scientific community.


The following are some excerpts from that article:

”...Commentators have criticized Emoto for insufficient experimental controls, [6] and for not sharing enough details of his approach with the scientific community. [7] In addition, Emoto has been criticized for designing his experiments in ways that leave them open to human error influencing his findings. [8]

In the day-to-day work of his group, the creativity of the photographers rather than the rigor of the experiment is an explicit policy of Emoto. [9] Emoto freely acknowledges that he is not a scientist, [10] and that photographers are instructed to select the most pleasing photographs. [11]”

(The numbers in brackets refer to the citations in the Wiki article).

I would make a general appeal to all not to believe in anything published in the name of science unless it has gone through the rigorous and well laid-out procedures of scientific enquiry. With access available to a large number of people via the internet, we see many, many 'scientific' reports that are simply not true.

Spirituality does not need/require any support from the scientific data like these. The journey inward, when pursued with seriousness and sincerity, will reveal inner truths which give a beautiful perspective of everything in which all material phenomena will find their rightful places without any conflict.

Recently, following a talk I gave at our local temple, a young university student asked me if I have had any personal experiences of miracles and this is what I emailed him back:

"This is relatively easy question to answer, for a change! I as well as you and all of us have been witnessing miracles every day in millions of ways – The Hindu milk miracle is just one of them. The rising and setting of the sun and the moon each day, the vast oceans and the towering mountains, the water falls, the birds and animals - all these are miracles that God created for us to admire - and to learn from. Why go so far? The fact that I am breathing now and am typing this is a miracle when you consider the many other possibilities - a sudden fall, a bacterial attack, an earth quake... - that could have made this not happen! The point is that you and I do not need any special miracle to convince us that there is a Superior Consciousness who ‘created’ the laws of Nature and the Law of Dharma. This does not mean that I have not experienced some ‘out of the way’ incidents which seem to ‘reveal’ God’s presence and His/Her making a note of our existence in the midst of the boundless vastness of the Universe. To get distracted by such small number of miracles or to need them for our conviction would be an unfortunate deviation from the pursuit of Truth."


Thank you Ananthji sir! I agree with you! - RAMA

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