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Talent in Orissa art

Courtesy: K. Thyagarajan, chennai



He has since won prizes at international sand sculpture festivals around the world.

His works are mostly based on current world issues, ranging from climate change to world peace.

“For last two years, everywhere I heard about the issues of global warming and climate change, so I started working on these issues,” he said.

He has produced several sand sculptures of US President Barack Obama. On November 2, 2008, he made a sand sculpture of US presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.

November 5, 2008: Sudarsan Patnaik created a sand sculpture congratulating President-elect Obama on his election victory.

Indian Sand sculptures

Sculptures of Indian politicians set against the backdrop of the parliament have created quite a stir amongst people at the scenic Puri beach in Orissa. With the election fever gripping India, banners, posters and other publicity materials are a common sight these days, but the 'Political Theatre' made by renowned sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik was an individual attempt by the artist, to motivate people to cast their votes and elect a candidate who would prove to be a good and able leader for the country.


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