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Download Video and Audio


Download Social Videos, Streaming videos, audios and anything!

Many of us use download accelerators for downloading files from internet. There are a bunch of download accelerator tools available for free download on the web. But the capacity of such tools is limited to downloading files using http or ftp protocols. What to do if you want to download a Video from YouTube or MetaCafe or audio files from eSnips? Normal download accelerators cannot help you download streaming videos or videos from sites like YouTube for such sites stream the video or audio using protocols like RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol), RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol), MMS protocol etc.

I have been using a free downloader – Orbit – for some years now. Over years the developers of this product has incorporated a number of wonderful functionalities into it, the most useful being the download of videos/audios from YouTube and other RTMP/RTSP based social audio/video sites. Downloading videos from web is a child’s play with Orbit.

What you need to do is simply download Orbit downloader and install it with default settings. Orbit downloader has an inbuilt technology named as ‘Grab Pro’ that breaks the anti-leaching technology adopted by YouTube and Similar Sites. Grab Pro works in two ways.

•It gets integrated to Internet explorer and grabs the video/audio while you play it.

•It monitors the video/audio in the browser, when you move your mouse over the web player it shows you a ‘GetIt’ button. On clicking the button, the files get downloaded.

•You can run Grab Pro exclusively from the menu of Orbit downloader in the task tray. It will capture all the downloadable objects and show you in the window. You can select required files and download them.

Let’s see how Grab Pro works with Internet Explorer.

While installing Orbit downloader, it adds a toolbar to the internet explorer. You will find it with the name ‘Grab Pro’. Ensure that the toolbar is enabled.

•Select a YouTube video and play it in Internet explorer. Grab Pro will prepare the download of the video for you.

•Click on the yellow area to call out the item list. You can see the grabbed files for download in the list. Click on the ‘Download it’ to download the grabbed video.

•You have to play the video till the download is completed. If you close the window or change the video, the download will be stopped. So be patient.

•Once you complete download, you can watch the video locally.

The drawback of this method is that you have to keep playing the video in the internet explorer window. There is another way of grabbing the video. This method works both in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firebird browsers.

•Play the video. Bring the mouse on the top of the video. You will find a button ‘GetIt‘.

•Click on the ‘GetIt’ button. A window popup to fetch the downloadable Video URL.

•Once the Video URL is fetched, ‘Create New Download’ window will popup. Click OK. The download will start.

•The Orbit Downloader main window will come up showing the progress of the download. You can minimize it to tray. The download will happen as a background process.

Now, you know how to download streaming video or social videos. The same is applicable for streaming audios also. It works for any web site.

Orbit downloader anyway helps you to download normal files. So you can just replace your old download manager with Orbit NOW!

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