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Mangalore Accident - Learning outcomes

Courtesy: Lovkesh Srivastava, Trainers forum

Dear All

At the onset I would like to thank all for contributing to my earlier views on What is truth and i have definitely gained from the view point exchanged. And as it is said experienced shared is experience enhanced(i think i just coined it although may be inspired).

Moving on, I was reading preliminary reports on the Mangalore Aircrash and i feel there are two very important learning outcomes one for the organizations and other at individual level.

The piece of information that got me thinking was that the co pilot tried to warn the pilot who preferred to ignore the warning may be due to his over confidence or due to seniority or due to the laid out procedures. If he had not chosen to ignore the concern raised by the junior he would have lived and so would have 150 odd other people.

Secondly the Guideline laid by organization on landing parameter took away the leverage that should be given for situations never anticipated or experienced earlier. If the guideline that prevented pilots from taking hard landing was not there then the pilot may have gone for it without the fear of being reprimanded and again so many lives would have been saved.

Here it brings the point of not having everything guided by the SOPs and structures, there has to be margins for what is the most predictable thing about life that is its unpredictability. So whenever we are dealing with human being this leverage has to be higher say in service industry, where no to situations can be alike because no two individuals are alike.

Hence in our trainings we should highlight the need to respect every individuals view points and opinions irrespective of the hierarchy and secondly structures and procedures should have customers convenience and providers convenience (equally important) in perspective. the guidelines preventing hard landing i guess was for customers convenience but they paid the ultimate price for that.

Regards Lovkesh

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