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Leader Should Know How To Manage Failure

Courtesy: Hari Nair, Trainers forum

“Leader Should Know How to Manage Failure”

This is a gem of a message from our ex-President who has written so much about Life & the art of living aimed at the youth. This is not only interesting, it is as most of his writings are, soul-elevating and self-fulfilling too.

I am tempted to add my ten paise worth here:

1. Our culture, treats failure as AIDS or STD/VD. Though we never tire of extolling our virtues, and quoting scriptures at the drop of a hat -we are the same people who do not bat an eyelid before denouncing our cricketers when they fail... that fire and vitriol in denunciation is especialy reseved for the actors and the criceketers -though bank scams and fraudulent politicos seem to be getting awy with blue murder. Our attitude towards failure is so bad, I may compare it to the unenviable position of a virutous young lady getting raped and then suffer the stigma for the rest of her life. Learning from failure thus would seem to us like looking for diamonds in a heap o f garbage.

2. Unconventional wisdom has served me well for my long years in industry, where success seemed to spawn ten fathers and failure always remained an orphan. Very often failure stemming from the collective idiocy of senior managers, seemed to gravitate to me for some incomrehnsible reasons : and my scientific analysis never interested them, as they thought rummaging thru' garbage can yield stink and discomfort -nothing else. In many organisation, I was lucky enough to see huge failures upclose and gleaned amazing insight into myriad causes that brought us to the brink for no majour conspicuous reason.

3. There has been much tom-tomming of 'Lateral Thinking' - which somehow seems an over enthusiastic response from us to management principles from abroad -when precisely the same were practised for 1000s years right here in India by Chanakya and later on by Birbal, Tenali Rama and a slew of other less sung entities who the West does not seem to have discovered. Their Prince Machiavelli seems like a mere greenhorn in front of these intellectual giants. Why should I worry, after all 'gharki murghi daal barabar' -we always ridicule original thinking in India. Unless it comes back to us from abroad. What could be sadder?

4. Collection of such ideas, which I am not mentioning here -about learning from actual failures from the minuscule to the colossal -would make a nice book. I am working on that -but as I had thought, no publisher would touch a book having a title with the contraband word "Failure" in it !

All my life, I have discovered invaluable facts and gained insights simply by failure analysis. This goes against our grain, if you know what I mean.

Any thougthts?

Thanks and warmest regards

Max Babi
Trainer: Advanced Materials/technolog ies

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