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Courtesy: புஷ்பராகவ்

ARR comes to my rescue again! Well, at a time when I was pondering over what to write, a friend of mine forwarded AR Rahman’s recent musical treat to me. The moment I saw the video, the older version of ‘Mile sur’ flashed in my mind.

The new version of ‘Mile Sur’ was a disaster and it was accepted by most that it didn’t reflect the feel of the song. Rather it was a Bollywood promo.

Ok, so why should I talk about this now? Just have a look at the theme song of the World Tamil Conference penned by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and you know what went wrong with ‘Phir Mile Sur’. Phil Mile Sur completely forgot about people who brought laurels to the nation; instead, they concentrated completely on Bollywood biggies.

The original track of Mile Sur was a song focusing on national integration and unity. But the new one completely made a mockery of the same. Now, here you have another anthem that tries to bring the entire state of Tamil Nadu together and portray the beauty of Tamil literature.

‘Semmozhiyaana Tamizh Mozhiyaam’ captures the beauty of Tamil literary works including those from the Sangam age. The song was filmed by ace director Gautham Menon. Rahman and Gautham knew exactly who they had to feature in this song. They didn’t feature even a single Kollywood actor; rather they focused on the genres of Tamil music. The 5.5 minute long video features 70 singers drawn from classical, folk and other popular streams of music.

Gautham Menon has captured visuals across the state through off-beat, aerial shots including India’s end, Kanyakumari, as also filmed a series of sequences representative of the Tamil culture and ethos.

It is not often you see legends like TM Soundarajan and P Susheela, leading Carnatic music vocalists like TM Krishna, Sowmya, Bombay Jayashree, Aruna Sairam and youngsters like Karthik and Shruti Hassan in the same video. So, the final outcome ought to be special.

For this Tamilian, this song evokes a sense of pride.

You can download the song from here.

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