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Read people while meeting them


How to read people when meeting them in their office

Where are you sitting?

The office of the most decisions makers can be divided into two areas: power desk or non power sofa. Where you are seated can determine the type of discussion that follows.

As a rule the conversation at the prospects desk tend to be all business. The good news is that the prospect is often ready to make the commitment.

Discussion around the sofa is more social, philosophical and less confrontational. The deal will not be close but this might be the beginning of a profitable relationship.

Are you offered coffee or tea. A small gesture, warm and socializing but quite revealing whether the host wants you to be relax and encouraging.

The host is favourable about you and you can utilize the time required e to finish your drink to meet your objective and never say no to the tea , coffee offered.

What's going on phone.

If the host instructs the secretary to hold all calls during your meeting. This means the host is warm, sensitive and polite. They are the best hosts The other better ones will take a call after excusing themselves. The worst one are the ones who will take all the calls without any care . They might be the ones who are trying to get rid off you.

What's on the wall?

The office desk or the wall communicate a lot about the host's personality, hobbies, interests. Does it contain the photos of the family members or of the top sports players or may be the host getting the awards- his/her achievements etc.

This information helps you in guessing whether the host is a family person or a keen sports player ..etc. This information can be used as an ice breaker and develop a personal bonding.

Adapted from 'What they don't teach you at harvard Business School' by Mark H. McCormack

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