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Dreams. Do they have meaning and purpose? Does your subconscious still speak to you through them? Yes! It speaks and tell you what you should do. It speaks a whole lot. There are people who have full dream pattern and even more; all are amply supplied. It has been proven that we all dream every night even if we don't remember what we have dreamt.

A dream is a succession of thoughts, images, sounds or emotions which the mind experiences during sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology.

Truly speaking, and technically, the right side of brain is the creative side of the brain. The ride creative side communicates to the left or logical side of the brain. Right side tells exactly what to do and actually creates, and logical left side looks deep into the practical side and measure the right side, assumptions.

More recent research by psychologist Joe Griffin, following a twelve year review of data from all major sleep laboratories, led to the formulation of the expectation fulfillment of dreams, suggests that dreaming metaphorically completes patterns of emotional expectation in the autonomic nervous system and lowers stress levels in mammals, humans.

The communication between intra-cerebral system through nerves and brain, which is more powerful force than the most powerful computers, goes and seeks answers across all domains and universe. This communication can be through various symbolic language, and may take form of audio and visual symbols, and these symbols represents deep feeling inside.

Dreaming is an unusual way of nature to release pain and it is nature’s ways to relieve tension.

In one test, some people were put under dream test, this test showed that as soon as people slept, they did not dream, but dream started a little later. Sleeping is a way to reach to dreaming. Slowly they all started to dream, as part of test, the care takers, woke these people and they stopped to dream. The test was conducted for few days as the people under observation were found to be too emotionally distressed, disoriented in their thought process, and not completely satiated with their environment – work and family. There were signs of stress and tension.

Some dreams can be caused by an emotional upset; others by stress or physical pain. For several days, following an operation on some muscles, which were snapped twice in three months, one cricketer kept dreaming over and over that he was falling and snapping his tendon. These were more like nightmares! And they were true!

At other times dreams can be very incisive and forethoughtful, they provide insight to your past, and past experiences, as some dreams have clearly shown that conflicts from childhood needs to be resolved before we move forward.

The dreams that are replicated in our minds again and again, and it shows in our physical and emotional level. Those dreams that are repeated on a theme – which are indispensable, it is as if we are being chased by it, indicates and notifies us as an unresolved fear and conflict from past. It's nature's way of notifying us that we need to resolve some long forgotten memory.

Evolutionary psychologists believe that dreams serve some adaptive function for survival. Deirdre Barrett describes dreaming as simply “thinking in different biochemical state” and believes people continue to work on the same problems—personal and objective—in that state.”

A research finds that anything—math, musical composition, business dilemmas—may get solved during dreaming, but the two areas especially likely to help are

1) anything where vivid visualization contributes to the solution, whether in artistic design or invention of 3-D technological devices and

2) problem where the solution lies in “thinking outside the box”—i.e. the person is stuck because conventional wisdom on how to approach the problem.

In a related theory, which terms "Oneiric Darwinism," dreams are seen as creating new ideas through the generation of random thought mutations. Some of these may be rejected by the mind as useless, while others may be seen as valuable and retained. Finish psychologist Antti Revonsuo posits that dreams have evolved for "threat simulation" exclusively, part of our competitive theory and PESTLE Analysis.

On one occasion, I know this person, whose organization was facing a severe financial crisis, he was feeling very afraid and discouraged, and fell asleep during his regular work time when he had a fascinating dream. In the dream he had a visual gory, he says, things were very clear, which made complete sense to him. It was a practical and simple way, he was not looking at his business, the way he should. Sometimes dreams leads us in all practical manner, we work our head through so many things in day, we forget the hyper critical matters that may takes us to next orbit of business, relationship, career et cetera.

Immediately he woke up, called a meeting next day and spoke his way. He had never thought that he could come out of this financial crisis, it was amazing to see him shine and thrive, it didn't come from memory bank! It came from a dream! A light Bulb moment! That certainly encouraged him.

I relate dreams to light bulb moments, a solution to our stress and tension and a solution to our wellness, corporate, employee, relationship, career, business et cetera. Light bulb moment is what I classify as a life altering or changing moment that is so illuminating and powerful that you are changed forever by the light of recognition shining on what was before this, hidden, unknown or not realised. Light bulb moments are life altering. They can happen at any age, at any time and you may get many or none in your lifetime. At times, nature still uses dreams to communicate to us.

There is no school, college, management guru, or anything on this earth that teaches you to see and capture light bulb moments.

Some dreams may be from nowhere. Most aren't. However, the ability to dream is. And we have been given them for a purpose—at least to relieve stress and to gain insights for personal and spiritual growth. The difficulty can be in interpreting them correctly. However, through practice we can learn to do this and use these dreams creatively to reduce our tensions.

Throughout mythology, dreams have been associated with sacred revelation and prophecy, actually there are practical solutions. And it was a dream, so the story goes, that revealed to a scientist the molecular structure of carbon atoms in the benzene ring.

Next time your boss says “are you dreaming?” Your answer should be yes “I am” and we all do, our dream is our light bulb moment.

I think dreams and light bulb moments are good and healthy and important in life, career and business!! If you have a good dream, you would be fresh and alive and more productive.

Yet, in spite of modern science, dreams still remain mysterious.

Rajesh Diwan

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