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Stop witch hunting of Union Carbide

Courtesy: Prof R.K. Gupta, Trainers Forum

The entire governments and media are after the skin of Anderson of Union carbide following inadequate court judgement.

The chairman or owner of company is not directly involved in projects and maintenance of the plants. They don't tell employees to set up defective equipment or technology.

The in charge of maintenance in Plant were Indians.

We all know how professional and cleanliness oriented Indians are. Poorly trained, greedy, arrogant, misbehaved with casual attitude is what Indian technicians are. Worst are in government undertakings. But they want VIth pay commission, pensions for life, paid holidays, free medical for life and list is endless.

In India you can see our attitude even after so many years of Carbide incident when you travel in even AC chair car of Indian railways. Missing screws, bent seat handled, ripped off upholstery, noisy fans, poor air conditioning, dirty and stained bed sheets and the list is endless. No point to talk abut second class coaches or toilets on stations. The lack of periodic maintenance and specific rectification of problems is very clear. Thousands of kilometers of railway tracks is worn out and in dangerous condition.

40% of railway purchases amount are eaten away by employees and suppliers. This is besides direct theft of goods and railay property. That is why government does not want to privatise it. Wgere is logic to keeo it state run?

This is India.

More than 2 lac people die of various negligence related causes in diffrent cases-Mumbai rail tracks,small factories making match boxes, sandpapers and other mineral products, cycle tyres and rubes and so on.

More than 30000 people in above figure die every year in disturbed states like far east, Andhra, Orissa Bihar.

But we are after Union Carbide only.As Indians being hypocrites want to show how they are concerned about human rights and justice and eflectour own negligences in various araes.

Millions of court cases are pending in Indian courts and shameless judiciary arrogantly moves with heads held high and enjoying various perks and enjoying being called honorable without any sense of guilt and wilingness of attempt to reform system. Is not that human rights violations of lacs of victims of crime every year in India. Is not our judiciary a fraudulent and ineffective criminal friendly appendage to nation eating away thousands of crores yearly.Like pimps and brokers court clerks exchange money in court premises openly and a large number of worthless and corrupt unionised lawyers cheat and harass clients and delay cases. Thye fleece clients in nam eof court expenses whereas these are a few tens only.

It would be advisable for our PM and top authorities to do soul searching and take action and stop being arrogant and shameless.

It is meaningless to drag matter on Union carbide specially about top head of Union Carbide who stayed in USA and came here for sympathising on accident and checking on causes.

We are a thorughly corrupt and insensitised society now.

I think it is time Indians start restoring their morality, sense of duty, honesty and productivity and social behaviour. Instead of mud slinging on others. If we are good and honest, no MNC will dare take us for ganted.

Prof R K Gupta

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