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Positive Reflections For The Day

Courtesy: Stalin, Essar, Mumbai

Defining Emotions

“Emotion is the disturbance inside your mind when the object of your attachment is either damaged, threatened or moved” It’s quite simple really. If someone walks up to your car with a coin in their hand and scratches your car, what do you feel? Anger would be most people’s response. Anger is a disturbance inside your mind. And it is self-created. Why? Because you are attached to the car. You are not only attached to the car you identify yourself with the car.

If I scratch your car and you feel pain you are basically telling me that you think you are a car (because you identify yourself with it so much)!! You are completely confused about who you are, but you are not aware of your confusion because you are lost in your own emotional disturbance.

This applies to all the things that we learn to get attached to including houses, people, money, places etc.

Question: In relation to what do you become emotionally disturbed and why?

Reflection: How would you feel and what would you do if you were not attached to anything?

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