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Amazing Story of Koutons


If you go into any mall watch out for Koutons retail outlets.
Why? Let me ask you a question, which apparel brand has the highest number of exclusive retail outlets?

It is not Levis or Benneton or Arrow, it is Koutons. It has 1000 exclusive stores almost 4 times of any other apparel brand stores. An impossible target for even big spending MNCs.

This is the story of Mr. D.P.S. Kohli. In 1984 sikh riots his television manufacturing venture called Apollo Television was destroyed.

Kohli was forced to work as an insurance surveyor to pay off his loans. But his spirit was not broken, he was determined to rise again and he started his jeans manufacturing business, called Charlie Creations, with his brother-in-law in 1991.

He has learnt his lessons and decided to sell from his own exclusive stores so that he has control on his brands.

The Koutons story reveals how much a regional brand can grow in a short span of 15 years competing with major corporate brands.

Koutons is totally consumer focussed and depends on brand loyalty for it's tremendous expansion and gowth.

The entire idea of Koutons is to give the people the sense of satisfaction and feel that they are owning an international quality brand.

Koutons often come up with crazy schemes(50% + 40% off) to introduce themselves, or to make the initial push for the consumers to try their brand.

Koutons Retail India Ltd. (KRIL currently has a network of over 1000 exclusive brand outlets of total 8.4 lakh sq ft spread across 221 cities in India.

Koutons was Nominated for "Brand of the Year - Men's Casual Wear (Large)" by the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India.

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