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Personal training for you
from the late Gene Schwartz

Courtesy: Xtian Godefroy, Positive club


My good friend Jason Hart has one of the largest collections of Gene Schwartz ads on the planet. Some of these ads have not seen the light of day for 40-50 years.

I worked with Gene for nearly 10 years and thought I had seen everything that Gene had written...

...but I was WRONG!

When I saw the collection that Jason has put together my jaw dropped. Here were ads... dozens and dozens of them that I had never, ever seen before.

Through some serious arm twisting I have convinced him to let you download a selection of these "RARE" Eugene Schwartz swipes.

Now listen, some of these swipes have NEVER been released before.

They are very, very RARE and precious to him.

Have a look:

Learn The “Secrets” of His Blockbuster Ads!

Kind Regards,

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