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Believe in What U Think

Courtesy: Neelakantan Anand, Chennai

Good morning

One Advocate decided to free India with a Laathi and Pancha. And millions of people followed his faith and became his followers.

One Villager who had vision came to Mumbai with 30 K and after 40 years it was biggest Private sector company in India .

One girl from poor family came to India to serve the people and cure them. Received Nobel Prize for Peace.

Once dropped out of school and people called him mad as he was selling a plastic thing for 200$. Became world richest person at age of 43.

He failed 10000 times to make an electric bulb of his desired intensity. He had more than 1000 patents. GE still gets money when a bulb is sold.

Decided to make a bid software company with 6 friends & 10000 Rs. After 25 years company became world IT leader from India and employing more than a Lakh people.

If you really believe in what you think, You can change the world

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