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Spoken English Trainer

Indian English comprises several dialects or varieties of English spoken primarily in the Republic of India.This dialect is mostly from United Kingdom. These dialects evolved during and after the colonial rule of Britain in India. English is one of the official languages of India, with about three hundred million speakers according to the 1991 Census of India. With the exception of a few families, and members of the relatively small Anglo-Indian community, speakers of English in the subcontinent are introduced to it at school. Children in cities commonly attend English medium schools, whereas, it is far more common for children in towns and villages to attend local medium schools, and learn English as one of the subjects. However, science[1] and technical[2] education is, by and large, solely in English. As a result, most such graduates are fairly proficient in English.[3] The rapid growth of the economy in the last few decades led to people migrating from their region of birth to one, perhaps, where their first-language is not as commonly understood. Thus, English has come to be the lingua franca at several businesses.

Most speakers of English in the subcontinent learn it as an auxiliary language, and therefore, are proficient in at least their first language, and are possibly also comfortable with the vocabulary (if not the grammar) of a few other languages. With code-switching being commonplace, it is sometimes difficult to draw clear boundaries for Indian English. Several idiomatic forms, derived from Indian literary and vernacular language, also have made their way into Indian English. Despite this diversity, there is general homogeneity in phonetics, vocabulary, and phraseology among the varieties of Indian English.

Spoken English
Talk English
English Speaking - Basic English Training Module
Spoken English Lesson 01
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