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Weight Gain

Courtesy: Abraham Oomman, Trainers forum

After the age of 40 a person has a tendency of weight gain and for a middle aged person weight gain becomes inevitable even with following diet. To avoid weight gain with age, we generally, lessen our calorie intake, walk an extra mile and eat less. Well, research has proven that all these practices to avoid weight gain is faulty and may end up creating a problem to your health. Lets look are the reasons of weight gain with age -

1. Lack Of Testosterone – With age men lack in the testosterone hormone which leads to loss of lean muscle tissues and leads to decline in the metabolism rate. Lack of metabolism thus, means less calories being burnt, which leads to accumulation of fat and weight gain. For women it is lack of the estrogen hormone.

2.Less Activity – Muscular body is not for the young alone. With age a man needs to build more muscles, to avoid fat accumulation. With age we lack in physical activities in comparison to what we did when we were young. With less physical activities, the muscle mass decreases, thus putting on weight.

3. Body Process – With age, the process in which your body works also slows down, thus, it may not be able to burn as much fat content at one time as it did earlier. This may lead to weight gain.

Ways to control weight gain with age

1. Physical Activities – Make sure you are involved in physical activities. You need to increase your metabolism, to burn calories. The best way to increase metabolism

is exercise. Exercise regime should be decided by a well trained instructor, as exercise also changes with age. Your body may not be able to provide as much supply of energy like before, so, your exercises has be to according to it. Increased metabolism will help you avoid fat accumulation.

2. Dieting Won't Help – Dieting while aging is a bad option. It only leads to more weight gain and health disorders. (Read here how)You need to plan your diet and include a lot of fiber, fruits, vegetables, nuts and juices in your diet.

3. Protein Diet – Avoid hard core protein diet as with age your digestive system becomes slow and protein maybe difficult to digest. But include some protein in your diet. Proteins help to build muscles by using fat for it. It also enhances our metabolism.

4. Calories – Intake of excess calories have to be controlled but cannot be avoided completely. A person in the process of aging should have a minimum of 1200 calories intake. Calories work up your metabolism and is also a source of energy.

Control your weight gain with age, in the above mentioned points and lead a healthy life. You can also try the Japanese diet to control weight gain with age.

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